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Very Random Ultra series related thoughts

Now, I'm not very sure, but it seems that Mebius is the only Heisei Ultra series that doesn't use the title "Agent" or "Officer" for the team members. Watching Tiga, and then Cosmos, I keep hearing team members use this term (tahi, I think, but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong Taiin, thanks to madsqueeble for the correction) to refer to one another almost all the time. Kind of makes me feel like something is missing in Mebius. But OTOH, Mebius might be going for the closer relationship among the team members as opposed to the more formal ones in other series. In any case, I don't really know what to think about it other than Mebius is doing something different and unique.

Questions of the day:

Is violence the only answer? Is there no other way to help besides destroying monsters?

I don't even want to think, but Ultraman Cosmos hits me over the head with these two and related questions for five episodes straight. And it surprised me a little that other Ultra shows don't seem to care about this particular moral aspect at all, or shows that do care enough to mention it, such as Tiga, don't seem as blatant about the subject as much as Cosmos.

But really? Why can't humans live peacefully with monsters? By what right do humans get to decide monsters' fate? Why is it that Cosmos is a very kid-friendly show but ironically I find myself seriously wondering about all these? Is there no compromise in the world? Why do things have to be so absolute, either all or nothing? What terrible things could happen if people begin to show mercy to monsters?

I think Earth is large enough for humans and monsters to exist together without conflicts, but what do I really know? After all, my (our) world doesn't have monsters falling on buildings and/or destroying things and lives.

Anyway, since I've just finished with Cosmos (maybe more specific thoughts on the episodes might be forthcoming, but I'm getting lazy), I watched a random episode of Ultraman Dyna, for a change of atmosphere. Completely by coincidence (since I don't remember Dyna episodes), it is a sequel to a second Gazoto episode of Tiga.

This is kind of weird. Tsuburaya must like Mayami Shinjoh and Takuma Aoki so much that their love story gets a follow-up across a series. The episode uses some Tiga music. Parts of it seem to be re-created to get the feel of the Tiga episode it is based off. Even the transformation scene, the jump out of the car scene (this time, not Mayumi, though) are very similar to the ones in Tiga. And there is a mention of plasma sustaining human souls again (they're talking about Takuma, of course).

The monster seems to be different, but, just like Gazoto, it also appears from the cloud. This time, it is a bird monster. Legend has it that this monster shows up when the end of civilization is near.

Get to see Takuma's younger brother (I believe) follows his brother's footsteps and becomes a rather famous racer (Mai is a fan, in any case). Since Mai comes to give him gifts and generally makes a nuisance of herself, she follows him to the place where Takuma last appeared in Tiga, so the past comes out about him and Takuma.

Speaking of Mayami, I think I've mentioned before somewhere in this journal that she's Professor Asami Fujisawa in Mebius. I think I like the actress in everything I've seen, not that I've seen a lot. Takuma seems to be a real life racer, so I guess that accounts for him speaking very little. ;P He is a decent enough actor, I suppose. I've seen worse.

And yes, I believe I owe replies to a few people. Please be patient. I'll get to them when I can.
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