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Sukikyara Baton/Fave Chara Meme

Yes, I have plenty of things that needed doing (and replies owed to people), but I couldn't resist...
(And, I admit, I'd probably get more audience with a Mebius related meme.)

Target: Sakomizu
Rule: You must answer the following questions about your target character.

1)Do you like this character?


(1.5) Talk about this character's appeal.

He is calm in all situations. I need someone like that around when things get dicey.

(2)What do you call this character?

"Sako" because I'm the queen of lazy. You bet I like to shorten everyone's name if I can. "Sakocchi" sometimes. Or just "GUYS captain." I'll use "Sakomizu" if I'm being formal, answering other people, or in a fic (that is not even guaranteed, actually).

(2.5)What lines/actions of this character made an impression on you?

Too many to list. But basically him personally giving encouragement to each of GUYS members is pure gold to me.

(3)Looks like your character just got lost. Now what?

Sako can never get lost. If he ever does, some alien probably abducts him and takes over his identity. Or his body gets possessed by something else.

(4) What's this character's 'image colour'?

White. He seems like a pure type.

(4.5)What would you like to dress this character in?

Come to think of it, I never remember Sako in civilian clothes (other than a business suit, perhaps), so I don't really know. FWIW, I like him in everything he wears.

(5)What's this character's image song?

Run through CREW GUYS Yeah, it's shared with other people (and I don't even know if Sako sings it), but he seems like a people person. (But I think I might have misunderstood the meaning of an image song. I'm undone if the song has to be sung solo.)

(5.5)What animal would this character be?

Lion. Weird, though. But perhaps not. Sako can be fierce when he needs to.

(6)What do you think this character's blood type is?

For some reason, I'm stuck with AB. It seems like a complicated type.

(6.5)What type of underwear do you think this character wears?

Briefs. Could be fancy, actually.

(7) In the show this character appears in, is there any other character who you would 'allow' to have a relationship with him/her?

Misaki is the first person that comes to mind, but I feel uncomfortable with the idea because of their difference in ages. Other than that, I actually like the pairing a lot. I've considered Prof. Fujisawa, but besides their ages, he seems too comical with her for me to take their romantic relationship seriously. Serizawa could also work (and I once wrote a short fic suggesting that). And Aya's grandfather, not that I really know why. Isana is an interesting possibility, but I prefer someone else (around his age) for him, so...

(7.5)Does this character top or bottom? (seme or uke?)

Um...I'm sure he would allow Serizawa (or Aya's grandpapa) to be the take charge one. So, not sure if I answer the question.

(8)Is there anything you want this character to say to you?

No, I don't think so.

(8.5)Is there anything you want to say to this character?

"Stop being so freakingly calm!"

(Well, that's more of what I shout to the computer screen when I try to write him, so maybe that doesn't count?)

(9)What would you rather do: hold hands with the character, be hugged by the character, or be kissed by the character?

Be hugged. He seems like a comfortable hugging material. ;P

(9.5)What would you pick if you could have one of this character's possessions?

His infinite patience. Yes, it's abstract, but it's still his possession.

(10)Pick the next five people to do this baton with their target characters.

Ah, tagging anyone who wants to and has the time. Yes, random visitor to my journal, I also mean you. (Give me a link in that case?) Don't watch Mebius? Feel free to do it for any tokusatsu character then.

EDIT: Sorry, I just saw the meme with Sako, but I've already written this up.

EDIT EDIT: I'm not tagging anymore, because I never can tag. Feel free to take or not take the meme. :)
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