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Dyna's Turn

I seem to have gone through a few phrases, (Heisei) Ultraman-wise, these past few weeks. First was Tiga, next was Cosmos, and now is Dyna. At this rate, I would probably watch Gaia next. (And if I seem to have forgotten Mebius lately, it's simply because I don't have most of the translated episodes with me at the moment. And I would rather not bother anyone asking about direct download.)

Anyway, I've seen Dyna before, a few years ago. I got it then mostly because it's a sequel to Tiga, and I'm a completionist. I kept hearing conflicting information about it, and that the hero was not very good-looking, to put it mildly. So I didn't expect a lot from the series at all.

Long story short, I liked Dyna more than I thought I would. But apparently not enough to buy the memorial boxset on top of the regular DVD version. (If only I have been a little more patient, namely waiting about a year, I would have gotten the memorial version instead. And I really want the extras, too. I'm the type who would normally buy a DVD just for the extras.) And Asuka looked better than the one in my imagination. Though I'm not sure I like how he looks in the new movie (or at least in those promo pics I keep seeing).

Me having less time on computer means me having more time elsewhere, and I spent it watching Dyna episodes 1-7. So here are my very brief thoughts...

1. Fighting dirty is the way to go.

2. Not sure, but Dyna seems to be the only Heisei Ultra who has to be named by someone else.

3. Asuka's showing-off gets him (and SuperGUTS) in trouble.

4. So humans are like ants, living in hives? Nice to know.

5. Dyna learns how to fight from a retired(?) baseball player.

6. It's a good thing I ate mushroom before watching this episode.

7. A lonely girl befriends a cute-looking monster, who pretends to be the wronged party.
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