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I spent too much time on Dyna, probably.

Well, yesterday was a rare day I didn't go out (and everyone else was using the only computer ^^;), so I watched more Dyna. The following is a non-sense list on the episodes similar to the one I made last time. This is mostly to remind me which episode is which.

8. Monster's yawning is making people sleepy. (LOL)

9. 2,000 monsters eating electricity.

10. An episode devoted to, imho, the most useless character (story-wise).

11. The debut of the cute little SuperGUTS mascot.

12. Towns (also Asuka and Kariya)disappearing into a box's drawers.

13. Kid who makes a habit of lying says there is a monster in an abandoned factory. (1)

14. Takes place on the moon, if I'm not mistaken. Another episode sort of devoted to the unnecessary character. (2)

15. A good-looking alien is caught. Only Mai can communicate with him. (3)

16. The cute SuperGUTS mascot gets experimented on by a mad scientist, who makes his own monster. (4)

17. Monster sucking humans' spirits, leaving them near death.

18. So three and one teenaged (high school?) girls causing trouble didn't first start in Mebius, after all. (5)

19. Direct sequel to the Mayumi-Takuma episode in Tiga.

20. A baby alien (who is hiding as a human boy) is trying to leave earth.

21. TPC (and SuperGUTS headquarter) becomes as hot as an oven. (6)

22. The monster in this episode comes out from a lake-like surface (which in fact is not a lake). (7)

23. Kohda is visiting his friend at an underwater base. (8)

24. Blood thirsty (literally) blue balls. (9)


(1) I'm firmly of an opinion that the Miji (spelling?) aliens from episode 13 should get a series of their own.

(2) I don't hate Kariya. I just think he is taking an extra space in Dyna. And I sometimes get him confused with Asuka when they both wear helmets. I know, I know, they look nothing alike, but if you read this LJ at any length of time, you know my face-recognition skills are terrible. ^^;;;

(3) I'm not sure that it is okay to lie to a girl (or to anyone) in order to leave her with a beautiful memory. Maybe I'm not really getting the female mindset (as presented in episode 15 anyway), but I'm not very comfortable with lying in this case. Like Asuka says, the truth is bound to come out eventually.

(4) Hey, Silvergon from Tiga episode 26 is back, and improved since he's apparently no longer myopic. ^^;

(5) Yes, Asuka gets picked on by those girls in episode 18. Not that I know anyone who has seen both this and the Mebius episode.

(6) I laugh at how the higher-up officers cheat by standing in iced-water while the captain yells at SuperGUTS team members to wear their uniforms properly (they takes their jackets off because the weather is so hot).

(7) Kariya is some sort of ancient artifact/ancient legend expert? For about 3-4 episodes I've seen, he is mostly involved with this type of stuff. Even if that is true, I still don't feel he's very vital to the show. I mean, he's not an ace-pilot, a sharp-shooter, or anything very remarkable. He's so ordinary, not easily stereotyped. Perhaps that is a good thing?

Also, I'm almost sure Ryo's senpai is called Ayano. Recycled name for the win! I only pick up on this because I just watched Cosmos.

(8) Episode 23 is the first underwater episode. Takes long enough. (Tiga has its first one in episode 19, I believe.)

A little unrelated, but this must be the third or fourth time SuperGUTS (or at least Kohda) wonders about Asuka's fate after whatever craft he's in blows up. And when he turns out alive (but not necessarily well), no one thinks to question him as to how he survives.

(9) I'm a little slow, probably, but do the people the blue balls attack really die? The fact that I have to wonder at all makes it feel like reality is hitting me rather unprepared in this mostly light-hearted series.


Takeshi Tsuruno may not look as good as some other lead actors (sorry if there is any of his fans reading this), but I like the way he played Asuka. I get the impression that his exaggerated facial expressions and/or his hilarious antics bother some people, but I think they are very much appropriate and in character. And if I'm not too lazy, I might try to capture those pics of Asuka being generally silly. Though the impact might be lost if he isn't moving...

And it occured to me that I've been kind of ambiguous about my feelings on Dyna. Generally, if I don't seem very enthusiastic about something, unless I firmly say otherwise, it can be safely assumed that I enjoy it. Especially if I've made more than two posts on it (I'm too lazy to waste my time and energy on writing posts for something I dislike). Unless it is very very good (or not even then; tastes are subjective, after all), I just don't feel like promoting stuff, because I don't like to feel responsible for wasting their time if people don't enjoy what I recommend.

With all that said, though, I think people should at least watch Dyna episode 13. That is, if they don't mind a hero who doesn't seem very heroic. (Well, I suppose I could be more specific, but I tend to make things look worse than they are.)
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