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Dyna 25-36

Kind of got interrupted this afternoon, so, continuing my very non-sense comments on the Dyna episodes:

25: First of the two-parters. I don't remember much except the annoying/whiny scientist guy should be fed to the shark.

26: Oh, it's neat the way the (fake?) sun can be used to recharge Dyna. I like the ending of this episode, with all the SuperGUTS in civilian clothes.

27: Twin aliens! Reminds me of a SEVEN X episode, where K and Jin went undercover as reporters. (One guess as to who are the lucky two from SuperGUTS to take on the roles of fake reporters.)

28: Cute monkeys! (ha ha) They remind me of Yamalevara (spelling?), the monster who lives in the mountain, from Cosmos. And how many times already that either a human or an alien pick a fight with Asuka?

29: About Asuka's father. I rather like the episode, even though I want to shake Asuka (not that I think I would ever do so even if I have a chance).

30: Those Miji aliens return because they are just so cool like that. I think I like this story even better than the first story about them.

31: Dyna gets challenged to a wrestling(?) match. This alien reminds me a little of Jamusha, in that he wants to test his strength against others. But I'm not sure if this particular alien has killed anyone. He probably has, though, since he seems to operate by the same code when he loses.

32: Lovemos! :))))) Long lives Lovemos. Cute robot. Reminds me of Gon from several series, I think. Mai gets a haircut (she does since episode 31, but the focus isn't really on her then).

33: A teenaged girl, who is rather troublesome, enlists the help of a skeptical-of-TPC (and of SuperGUTS) reporter to find out what caused her friends to change, personality-wise. The identity of her father surprised me (well, it still does). Reminds me of Mebius 7, because of the factory setting and the monster growing to fill it, chasing all the people out.

34: Hey, Kohda finally gets promoted from right-handed man to vice captain. :) I like the Dyna cannon ball. And it's cool that Munakata is someone Kohda looks up to.

35: Shinjoh and Horii. :) I'm never tired of seeing these two together. Horii and Michiru have cute kids: a boy, whose name I don't really catch, and his younger sister, whose name is Mirai. ^_^ (So I'm being silly, but I've loved that name for a long long time already.)

36: Conclusion to the previous episode. I can't help but think that the way the reflasher gets returned depends too much on unlikely coincidences. Nice pic at the end of SuperGUTS and GUTS (those presented, anyway. I'm still a little miffed that the other three GUTS officers couldn't make it into this episode).
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