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My Birthday and Familiar Faces in Gaia

(Yes, strangely enough, they are somewhat related.)

Wowwowwow. Not that it is something to get overly excited about, considering that there are only 365 days in a year, but I share a birthdate (different year, though) with Takeshi Yoshioka, who played Gamu a.k.a. Ultraman Gaia. So Happy (belated) Birthday to him. (And if I'm brave enough, I might try to comment on his blog next year.)

::Makes a note to look up other tokusatsu (and maybe also J-drama and anime) actors' birthdates (has someone compiled them?), but is pretty sure no one else has this birthday::

And I didn't even realize that when I posted the previous entry. So it was truly by coincidence that I've used the title "Gaia and Me" for that entry.

Anyway, I forgot to include pictures in the previous entry, so here they are:

MEBIUS (and for some actors, other Ultraman series also):

He is only a guest actor in MEBIUS episodes 21-22, but he was a regular in GAIA. And by coincidence, I found him in a J-drama, too, which I watched at all because Shunji Igarashi had a two minute appearance in that one. And I kept hoping for them to meet. (Hiroto Ban and his father, got it?)

Kei's actress is in TIGA and DYNA too as Mayumi Shinjoh. Although I think everyone who has seen those two shows already knows that.

I think this guy (Tsukamori?) got like ten lines total in the whole series. (Not that he speaks a lot more in MEBIUS either.)

I think I would always recognize this guy's voice. He's in TIGA episode 40. And of course he was a regular in NEXUS. He is also in SEVEN X (ep 9) and MAX (ep 24, I believe). Actually, I'm not sure why I include him since he has less screen time in MEBIUS than in any of those series I just mentioned. (He's in the first movie, on the train the fake Mebius is about to smash.)

Other Ultraman series and tokusatsu series:

(This is really not the best pic, sorry.)

She is a lot more calm, I think, as Himeya's sort of a love interest in NEXUS. In GAIA, she's Inagi, the feisty leader of Team Crow.

I believe he is some kind of body builder, so I think it seemed kind of a bit wasted potential that he got a desk job in GAIA. But it was the series I first saw him in, and I still like him a lot in that role, even with him just mostly standing and sitting around. And I think he seemed to overshadow Kuuga in GARO. In short, Commander Ishimuro is just perfect in about everything I've seen him in, so I don't think I'll be disappointed with his role in the Den-O movie, which I'm still trying to figure out how to get my hand on somehow.

I debate putting Tabata-san in, but why not? He was in DYNA as Miyata (I think that was his character's name), a high-ranking officer (I think) in TPC. And he was the main character in one of the space shriff shows (I watched only the first episode, so I don't remember the name).

I save the best for last! ::laughs:: But seriously, I think his role in GAIA made him famous (or at least more "known"). Or maybe this guy simply likes acting in tokusatsu shows. As far as I know, since I've watched only KR THE FIRST and SEVEN X (ep 9), Fujimiya's actor is also in KR RYUKI and KR THE NEXT. It is more likely that I'll see him sooner in the new Ultraman movie than in his other roles, though, since I can't seem to track those shows down.

And these are only the people I recognize. There are probably others I don't know as well. (I rather like Kajio's actor, actually.)

If anyone would be so kind, I would appreciate a reminder if I've left out someone obvious...or not so obvious.
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