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Oh Mebius 43 is so much love!!!!


I think everything is so well done here.  Even the flying base (which I complained about earlier) doesn't annoy me at all.  Mirai lists off Ryu's name first among the people he loves. :) :)  Aya finds out about Mirai being Mebius. +++ It is so cool that Yapool snaps the balloon and the Mebius killer just comes crashing down wrecking havoc.  I also like that Mirai and Yapool talk in telepathy.  And the reporter from episode 28 gets more of a chance to be throughly nasty here.  (I think this is a better use of his character than in episode 28.)  Mebius shows off a new move (similar to Ultraman Taro's Ultra Dynamite).  And where in the world (or not) do Mirai, Aya, and that reporter apparently end up as seen from the preview?  It looks like some kind of a wasteland (gives impression that there is no civilization/city around).

::off to rewatch::

Tags: episode reviews, ultraman mebius
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