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Came across an old disc with episodes 1 and 3 (without subtitles) on it. Yes, episode 2 is nowhere to be found on that disc, but maybe it isn't needed since the preview at the end of episode 1 and the recap at the beginning of episode 3 basically fill in everything that happens in episode 2.

It is strange that NEXUS is my favorite series, yet I don't really care much for the main character (I don't mean the titled character; there is a different, I think). Yet, his actor probably has the best voice I have ever heard of tokusatsu characters (that I've seen, which are not a lot) for doing the voice-over, which he does a lot in this series. Not that I've exactly followed his career, but I think he could have a future as an announcer if he ever quits acting.

And I think I could understand the episodes better, although I'm not sure whether it is because I remember what the subtitles say, or because I know more Japanese than I did four years ago. I must say I'm hoping for the latter case.

Randomly, I'm thinking of the old days, where there were still the time stamps on the NEXUS and MAX episodes. Strangely (since I felt like it took up a quarter of the screen) I miss seeing the clock since MEBIUS no longer had it. OTOH, airing in the evening means the show reached the right audience (or did it really? I always thought MEBIUS and NEXUS should have switched their primary airing times). Anyway, I never understood the point of the time stamps. Were their clocks not working or something? And it was Saturday. If it were a weekday I would have understood it better (and if it was truly on a weekday, it would be poor planning indeed, because the target audience all went to school).

EDIT: Oh, yeah. I forgot that one version of the MEBIUS raws does have the time stamps on the first episode.

In an effort to organize the posts I write a little, I've begun to write in another journal: mirai_tsurugi. Basically, I'll put any random thing, including real life stuff, I want to talk about over there. This is likely the last post I'll mention that journal so no worries if you're not interested. I'm only intending to keep sennetari mostly tokusatsu-related (including dramas and anime that tokusatsu actors are in).
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