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Independent Tokusatsu: Zan Saber

Marathoning Zan Saber (previews links on the left side of that page), since I was lucky and found the series on sale. (Yes, I give up trying to watch the file I have, which turned out be only the first episode anyway.) I was biased to love it since it has Ryunosuke Kawai, whom I've always wanted to see more on ever since he guest-starred as Konomi's date in that one episode of MEBIUS. And I didn't even know that he's the main character, despite all the pictures having him in the middle. ::is slow::

Anyway, I end up liking practically every character on that show (yes, even a few of the baddies), not just Kawai's character. I suppose that might be because Zan Saber is an independent tokusatsu, so has to rely more on actors being able to carry the story than on special effects, which were not bad to my untrained eyes. There are four episodes in the set I bought. I have no idea if there are still more episodes, since the end of the fourth episode is kind of left open.

I feel kind of obliged to point out that this show is practically slash haven. More so than Kamen Rider, I think. Particularly in the first two episodes.

(Names might not be correct; they are simply how I hear them. I can only read katakana (barely) and the family names are all in kanji.)

Episodes 1-2 have Masaki Hiyuka (Kawai's character) dealing with the loss of his sister and how it affects his ability to fight.

Episodes 3-4 are actually one long story, which, to be honest, I like more than the first two since there are more actions and less angsting. (Not that I don't care for the angst. Seriously, if no fic on Hiyuka and Tatsuya (Isumo) exists I would write one myself. (But I'm sure Japanese fans have already written some.) Their relationship is so very obvious, even to me, who never intentionally looks for slash. It's so cute that Tatsuya practically worships Hiyuka, in the fanboy sort of way. ^^;) And I like Shinobu Kai, for whom at first I didn't think I would feel anything more than a mild annoyance. (I don't know; I just find him hilarious, whether that was the intention of the producers or not.)

I guess this show is on the list (which is growing by days) of things I'll get the original DVDs for. The problem is when I would ever get a chance to do so. Not having enough money could put an end to that plan.
Tags: ryunosuke kawai, tokusatsu, ultraman mebius, zan saber
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