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ULTRAMAN MEBIUS Series Preview: Textbook Version

This is nothing more than my pretending that the following was written some time before April 8, 2006. I don't claim to be original with these types of questions either.

ULTRAMAN MEBIUS Series Preview: Textbook Version

1. Who is the hero?
A rookie Ultraman in the title name.

2. What will be his personality?
The promotional stuff I've seen don't really give details, but I'm guessing he would be a curious type, easily excited (not in a bad way; I merely mean he is probably animated, lively, and not one of those cool-headed heroes). Since he seems young, he might also be hotheaded and/or impulsive.

3. Who are the hero's friends?
To be honest, the pictures I've seen don't really leave much impression on me. However, this is simply the case of my not having enough information to decide who they are individually, other than they are apparently the hero's co-workers. (Oh yeah, think the glass wearing girl is super-cute...which still doesn't tell me what kind of person she is. Well, she seems to be rather feminine, since she seems to be the only female to wear skirts, but I have no more insight.)

4. Who are the villains?
Obviously monsters. But I don't know where or why they have come.

5. Where are the characters located?
The heroes: somewhere in Japan.
The villains: somewhere in space? Or some of them could live inside the earth?

What time period?
Modern day Japan 2006, since the series is a direct sequel to the showa Ultra storyline.

6. What are their (the characters') purpose(s)?
The heroes: protect Earth from monsters, invaders, occasionally fight them. (Well, if this series is anything like the previous Ultra series...)
The villains: I don't know. Seriously, why pick Earth? It's not a particularly nice planet to invade. For revenge, perhaps, since Ultramen used to destroy them, and Ultramen sided with humans? (As a side note, I hesitate to call the bad guys 'villains' because they are usually monsters; not that there aren't a few intelligent alien invaders who actually can talk in comprehensible sentences, albeit their conversations usually are confined to the various ways they would rule Earth and make humans submit.)

7. What are my expectations of the first episode?
Well, that it introduces the series. For starter, it can do that by answering my previous questions. Give some explanation of how the hero comes to Earth. Set up the tone of the series. Tell me why monsters appear again after 25 years of (supposed) silence. Touch on a bit on the formation of the defense team, or the continuation of one if it already exists. Where does the hero fit in? How does he go join the team, or does he stay independent for a while?

The good first episode probably should either validate or invalidate my guesses, and MEBIUS does. One could say that I cheated since I wrote this now, not two years ago, but still, I really did ask some of these questions, though not quite as systematic, before I started watching MEBIUS. And I believe other people probably did, too. After all, I must not be the only person who forms some prior ideas (accurately or inaccurately) of the shows she's planning to watch.

As an (almost) unrelated note, I know there are a few already ended series that I started writing about but never quite finish them yet. They would probably get done when I do have a chance to watch the remaining episodes, which I don't quite see how anytime soon, seeing the only time I can use the computer is around this time (and I hadn't really been on for a few days since this computer is now popular because of the new internet service which might get cut off with the rain and such). But hopefully I won't abandon those shows (and the new shows I can't keep up).
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