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Dramas and manga on drama

This post is mostly about my observations. I don't talk about the plots of the following dramas at all because I haven't seen any of them (well, except Shigeshoshi, but I still talk more about it elsewhere).

Am I living in a cave in not knowing that Delicious Gakuin is available, let alone subbed**? Must be.

DeliGaku is one of the dramas from last Spring I was planning to check out. But lack of decent raws (that I could find anyway) put me off watching. Besides, I don't recognize anyone in it other than Yuichi Nakamura (from Den-O) and Ryunosuke Kawai (from, um...what do I put in for him, Zansaber?). And I'm not sure if Kawai is even a regular. I think there are a few AAA (hopefully it's not some other band; too braindead to look it up right now) members in the cast, though.

Anyway, I'm currently trying to figure out how to watch it, since this computer only plays the sound, but no pictures, so no review here yet.

**(I stumbled upon that link ten days (yes, I think I'm probably the last person to find out the existence of that sub group) after they started releasing the episode, but I got lost with real life so this sort of got put on the back of my mind. (Read: I forgot to download it, and just only had it last night.) I'm a year late anyway. Everyone who cares about this show probably already watched it more than once.)

And on a related news, saw Rookies manga vol 1-24 (not sure if that is the ending volume) earlier this afternoon and had to wonder to myself: do I want to plod through all that or just watch the drama and forget the manga? Many years ago, I used to read on and off the other manga this guy drew (I think it was called 'Blue' or something) and it was just not really the type of manga I normally follow. Or maybe it's the same manga after all... Anyway, if the mangaka's style is the one I remember, I hope the manga translates better to drama format. Well, I'm going to see it anyway because of Igarashi, who is probably going to be real cute if he plays a normal (overlooked) character, but I kind of hope there are more incentives other than him and one or two other actors (Takeru Sato (KR Den-O) is in it, I think, and someone else who escapes my memory at the moment).

Speaking of Rasshii, I'm three dramas behind: Shigeshoshi, Oishii Depachika (it looks like a cooking show, but I might be wrong), and Isshun no Kaze ni Nare. I'm going to see them all eventually (figure out the ending of Shigeshoshi, sort of, through my own fault, so want to try to forget that first before seeing it), but I have no idea in which order. It's a good thing that at least these dramas are not related.

I was going to make a post like the one I did last year about all the dramas I'm going to watch, but I haven't managed to really keep up with that list, so I think I'll just be random this year and start watching whatever catches my fancy. (Not so subtle hint: I'm more likely to check out those dramas my f-listers recommend. :)
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