Nikki's Corner (sennetari) wrote,
Nikki's Corner

Daisuke-related stuff

A notice for a new LJ community for Daisuke Watanabe (aka George in UM Mebius) just popped up on my f-list (is there anyone in Tenimyu who doesn't get their own comm?), so I'm passing it along in case there is anyone who is interested but isn't yet aware of its existence.


Also, his blog has an LJ feed. Looks like he moved from the other blog back around the end of March.

P.S. I didn't notice before, but it seems only the first part of each post shows up on the LJ feed. I guess I'm too used to seeing the full blog posts for the D-BOYS on my friends page.
Tags: blogs, daisuke watanabe, tenimyu, ultraman mebius
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