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Ultraman Zearth

Okay, saw the first episode/movie of Ultraman Zearth. It's kinda fun, but really, an electric toothbrush as a henshin device? I've heard of its existence before, but seeing a static picture of the toothbrush and then seeing it in action (eww) give vastly different impressions (and his comments while using the aforementioned toothbrush doesn't help). And I'm never really clear how the bad guy (well, I'm not quite sure whether he's truly bad or just testing Zearth) finds out who Zearth is. I think the message (from the bad guy whose name I never really catch) is Zearth can't protect Earth until he let go of his obsessive cleanliness.

MYDO, well, I don't think I remember much about them (but then I say that about most defense teams). The captain is rather easily excited, though, and I like his antics with MIDORI (a supposedly advanced supercomputer who is rather apologetic about not having the right answers (or the ones he wants to hear) for the captain). The main female (the only one, I think) might be the human form's love interest. He seems interested, anyway.

I managed to get in about 10 minutes or so of the second movie, but then the disc I have became almost unwatchable. I still haven't figured out what to do about it.

But of that little, I learn that MYDO gets reorganized and the captain and vice-captain are replaced with weirder versions (especially the so-called "fuku taichou" who comes from Silicon Valley, or so he says). And apparently Zearth makes his own human form (I don't know why I thought it was a human host) because he's calling for his father (who the heck is it, anyway?), who heals his son from some distance away.

I don't know... I might write better entry, but I fear if I don't get something down now, I might not at all.
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