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Hana Yori Dango Episodes 6 - End

Well, continuing from yesterday, I finished the rest of HanaDan live-action Season 1, again in one sitting. I confess that this is sort of surprising, since I don't really think it is exactly my type of drama. But I like this drama, a lot. Well, I think there are a few parts that bore me, but I forget which already.

After they are (sort of) on the good terms with one another again, Domyouji gives Tsukushi a cell phone just for calling him. Anyway, stuff happens and there are double dates at the zoo. Yuki's then boyfriend is a jerk and I don't see any redeeming quality. Maybe he's just a typical character, or more like a tool to make Domyouji look good (not that he doesn't already look good in my eyes).

Episode 7 is Rui's muddling up the water. But seriously, I already knew it from the beginning that Rui deliberately provokes Domyouji. Regardless of the reason they start hitting one another, I think they (F4) all need the physical pounding to release all their pent-up stress.

Episode 8 is about the consequences of declaring war with one of the most powerful families in Japan. This is the part that I think most defies reality (seriously, that kind of power is way too dangerous).

Or maybe not. Tsukushi's incredible luck in the Teen of Japan contest is even more unbelievable. Although I did guess that she wouldn't win the contest, and that the little kids wouldn't choose either one of them (Tsukushi or her rival in love). I must say I find Sakurako rather cute now that she's not working for Domyouji's mama. Well, I've mostly mellowed toward Sakurako anyway since the end of episode 5.

Speaking of the mama, just as I thought, she's simply a plot device, to test everyone's stand and loyalty, her son's most of all. So I'm right in not spending any emotion hating her. Though I think the fiancee gives up too easily, but I'm okay with it, I suppose, since the main characters have suffered enough. And I smile happily at the ending, even though Tsukushi and Domyouji have to be away from one another, because all the misunderstanding and everything between them is cleared up at last.

Among the F4 guys, I suppose I still like Rui the best (ah, maybe he should not count since he never has any part of picking on Tsukushi in the first place). And then Domyouji (as an aside, I love his messed-up Japanese (they are way too hilarious), and he has come far enough to unbend and act like he realizes he does indeed make those Japanese word mistakes). As for the other two, I think I like Sojiro a little better than Akira, only because there is a little more of him (with Yuki), not because Akira is a bad character by any mean. I would even wish Akira luck with the owner of the sweet shop (sorry, I really should remember her name) where Yuki and Tsukushi work.

Even though they are important to her (and to the story, to an extent), I'm not sure what to talk about Tsukushi's family. Somehow I think they are too much of a unit and not having enough individuality. Not that it's necessarily a bad thing, but I'm just not used to different characters that are not different, I suppose, if that makes any sense.

As for saying that I don't know anyone in this drama, I forgot to mention that I saw Shun Oguri (Rui) in HanaKimi already, but I still don't know much about him. And sandpanther told me about Ai Saikawa (Marina's actress from MEBIUS), though I can't recall for the life of me who she is (my guess is she's one of the students in Tsukushi's class). And I found Kento Handa (Takumi from KR Faiz)'s name among the cast list on the drama wiki, but again don't remember who his character is. Not an excuse, but my not noticing these people is probably because my focus is more on the main characters than on the side characters.

Lastly, I think this drama is for the most part realistic, in that no one is truly a bad person nor a good person. They make mistakes, and they learn and grow as characters. This is not unique to this drama, of course, but I don't find much of what I watch these days that give me this level of satisfaction, making me believe in the characters and want to cheer them on. These characters matter. And there is no convenient happily ever after in sight (well, at least not this season; I don't know about the next one), nor all the problems get all tidied up. I mean, the kids at school are still jealous, Sakurako still wants Domyouji, his mama doesn't exactly accept his relationship with Tsukushi, etc. etc.

And yay, I'll be moving to Season 2 episodes (and then a movie special, which I heard about from verusmayaii). As for when that will be, it depends largely on situation outside my control, so I might not be watching them any time soon. But I'm very, very glad that I pick this drama up now and not wait forever...
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