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Ultraman Zearth: Second Movie

The day before, I exchanged my DVD player with my brother's in order to play the rest of the second Zearth movie. To be honest, while I think it is mostly fun, Zearth is not really something I want to re-watch at any time soon.

I find the mind control slant in this movie interesting. The alien claims that a person won't get affected by the mind control beam if his heart is calm and he has a solid belief in himself. So the alien is actually giving human a choice of being controlled or not. And no real violence. Only Shadow (which is a robot) gets destroyed; the alien returns to her planet, leaving the door wide open for a sequel, but there is probably not any more forthcoming since it has been more than ten years already.

As for Hayata's actor's cameo--um...he seems to think he's really Ultraman--I'm happy with it, even though it is so short. The toothbrush transformation seems really off to me this time around (well, weird as it is, I like the one in the first movie better, and how in the world did he keep the toothbrush in without it falling off while he was trying to high kick for the upteemth time? :p), probably because it's a serious scene here for a change. I know, it's such a little thing, but I'd have preferred that he just transforms off-screen instead.

So I'm wrong. No one knows who Zearth is except the alien. (The end of the first movie sort of led me to believe otherwise.) Well, maybe the new captain knows, I'm not sure. (He says something to Katsuto that he (the captain) shouldn't have known, I think.)

And just a personal peeve, I find the alien's voice all too annoying, even though she does seem to speak slowly, clearly, and distinctively, probably because I feel like she's looking down her nose at me by talking as if I were a simpleton. Irrational feeling, I know, but I am not that rational to begin with.

Ultraman Cosmos: The Blue Planet (Regular Version)

Well, not sure if I mentioned this when I last talked about the alternate version of the Blue Planet (the second Cosmos movie), but I wanted to get the original version of the movie because, despite the problem with Taiyo Sugiura at the time, he's still the first person that comes to mind when I think of Musashi. Seeing the version with 13 year old Musashi must make me become a little more receptive and appreciative of the original version, so when I happened to catch sight of the DVD for it the other day (randomly, the same day I found the Hana Yori Dango drama; I actually watched this first, but HYD got me writing first), I bought it with no hesitation. Was reminded of how sleepy (not a typo) this movie was. Truth is, I didn't like it when I first watched it a few years ago. (Personally, it rated the lowest among the three movies.) Now, my opinion still doesn't change much, but I think I enjoy it more than I don't enjoy it (if that makes any sense). There are little things I like (1), although as a whole, I still think this movie moves far too slowly for my taste. Or maybe the problem is there simply is not enough Cosmos (never mind Justice) in this movie, IMHO.

(1) Well, these are either the parts I like and/or parts I somehow just want to remark on: There are spoilers but I'm mixing them up in weird order. And the names are most likely not romanized correctly, but I didn't watch English subs, so I can't get the correct spellings off-hand, sorry.

Chou trying to mimic humans celebrating using sake, which is very bitter, according to her (well, I think any kind of alcohol is bitter (except wine, I suppose), so I guess (showing my naivety) I don't understand why people drink them either, other than for social reasons); Jean gets splashed by the aforementioned sake, and has no reaction other than asking what Chou is doing; Jean gets mad and subsequently attacks Musashi for changing Chou's outlook (in trusting humans) - well, I think Jean's feeling is logical in itself (Chou's change must seem to him like a betrayal). However, I smile because apparently Jean considers Musashi very important then if he can feel that threatened; Of course Musashi cannot understand the feeling of having his hometown destroyed (since, well, he still has his home), so he is a nuisance and must be destroyed, according to Jean. So people who have never experienced a particular thing first hand are not qualified to offer aids/ to console/ to just be useful to those people who do experience that particular thing first hand. I find that train of thought convoluted, I suppose. Speaking of which, Chou doesn't really care for Musashi's help (or more like his meddling) at first because she plans to blow herself up along with Scorpis. I'm not so sure when exactly he changes her mind about humans. But if not before, it must be when Musashi tells Chou the reason people (humans) shake hands: to pass the warmth of the body, the kind thoughts, things like that to the other person (I like this enough to wonder if Musashi's reason for shaking hand has a basis in reality; more thing to research on).

Mari and Jean seems to be falling in love, and I don't find it is so sad or a tragedy, even though their relationship never seems to progress beyond this movie (ha, Ultras series drop or abandon potential romances a lot, I suppose); Justice gets mistaken for Cosmos on first appearance (nothing new, since an unfamiliar Ultra is usually confused with the titled guy the first time around, but I like whenever it happens anyway, and I like whenever the human host, almost instinctively, has to deny that it's not him and sometimes has to tell everyone around him that it's a different Ultra); Cosmos (the real one) never says a word (considering that he's rather talky elsewhere); Cosmos fixing all the building Scorpis (and Sandross) destroyed (I believe no building ever get leveled by Cosmos in TV series, so he's trying to keep a spotless record here?). Not to bring up a sad thought, but I don't think Cosmos is a god who has an ability to restore lives that are lost. Are we supposed to just pretend that it never happened? That no one died because it isn't shown explicitly?

...I'm still trying to apply real world sense to a toku movie, I suppose. It would certainly be less stressful if I sit back and just enjoy a show/a movie/a drama for what it is, but then I won't have anything to talk about. XD
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