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Fictional writing and fandom writing

I guess I just want to write about my writings.

First, here are my thoughts (non fandom-specific) on various parts of fiction.


I love writing in first person. Not that I really think I have a brilliant voice for it, but I'm more comfortable and stuff seems to flow more smoothly. The he/she thing makes me feel like intruding in someone's head, even though I know most fictions in existence are in this point of view (third person limited).

I love reading in first person as well, but, as mentioned above, it's harder to find. I'm predisposed to like the format, so unless the fic is obviously bad, I probably can forgive a lot of things that would otherwise bother me in fics in other point of views.

I guess first person also helps me keep point of view consistant. The narrator obviously can't talk about things he/she doesn't know about. So, unless the hero/narrator is a mind reader, no peeking into the villain's head to get their plan of conquering the world so the hero can conveniently kill it (the plan) and the villain (if necessary).


I don't have a plot. Perhaps that's the reason I never finish anything.

Ok, I do have some idea. Most of the time, my fics don't write themselves. I just don't have the foolproof details. I would have isolated scenes and by some magic, attempt to string them together to form a story. I'm not very successful so far, because something I write earlier would bound to contradict what I write later. (I usually write the ending of my fic very early on. I just don't see the way to get there from the part I'm currently writing.)


I don't do scenery. I don't see with my mind-eyes very well. Mostly the reason I write fanfics: instant settings, just add events.

Serious answer, I just don't have enough interest in writing settings for my stories. I try, but I can't seem to care. I can't write description from memory and I don't have the patience to do the research necessary. And to tell the truth, if I see too much details on the settings and clothings for the characters, I tend to skip over those passages.


Dialogue is one of the most favorite parts of writing. I could go pages with only conversation alone, and if I write for my own amusement, I won't even indicate who's talking or anything. I used to write ten pages of nothing but conversations between various people all done with nothing to identify the speaker of each line. Well, it's more like no name tag and no action tag. Nope, this was not a rough draft of something I'd flesh out later, but a complete fic.


I like doing characterization, but it's not nearly as easy or as natural to me as doing the dialogue. Yet characterizations are sometimes (ok, most of the time) revealed through dialogue.

I do have fun matching my characters up with people's real personality types. (I don't take those and write my characters based on them; I write my characters first and go look up their personality types. :) I once did that with two of male characters and almost screamed with joy that each of them very much fit a different one of the eight guy types. Because I created those characters without knowing anything about those types charts so I must conclude that my characterizations are somewhat grounded in reality.

Probably forget something, but I don't know which at the moment.

As for fandom related-stuff, there might be a (belated) Mebius episode review post coming up, if I can write more than two sentences on it.

I'm a perfectionist--well, almost. If I really like something, I can either write endlessly on it, or I freeze up and can barely put two sentences together. It is the latter case for the episodes I'm intending to cover (21-22). It's like I want to do the best job on it, and I'm too stressed out trying to. Since I don't think I yet have what I'm satisfied with, it makes me try harder, makes me more stressed and performance suffer as a result. And on and on in a never-ending cycle. Anyway, I don't expect this to make sense to anyone other than me. In fact, I'm not sure I completely understand it myself.

Another thing though, unlike with most other series I've seen for the first time and write thoughts on them soon after, I tend to have a set mindset when watching Mebius. I used to not think anything and simply enjoyed. I still do that, to some extent, so it's kind of difficult for me to pick up new observations I haven't caught after watching the same episode for the 9th time (and that's probably for an episode I don't like much).
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