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[Jdrama] BokuKano 1-3

Well, came across a few early episodes of Boku to Kanojo no XXX live-action. It's pretty short, with only around 16 minutes for each episode. Without much spoilers, I think it's a bit more reasonable than the manga, so far. I mean, it doesn't seem as over the top as the manga (not that I mind the weird insanity in the manga). I think I know where the drama is going, and I suspect it's not the same as the manga's direction. But I'm okay with it, given the drama setup regarding the characters (well, Senbongi is pretty forgettable so far; he is probably the only character whose manga version I like better) and so on. I must say I like the actor who plays Akira. And I think I caught sight of someone I should have recognized in the first episode (a guy who asks to date Momoi, but is punched by her and lands literally on top of Akira).

BokuKano (or probably better known as "Your and My Secret" in the U.S.) is a hilarious (well, subjective opinion, of course) body switching manga by Ai Morinaga (whose other works I have to remember to check out, but probably after watching the drama(s) based on them (1)). Anyway, I have no idea whether the drama is completed (although it should since it must be from last year at the latest, but the manga hasn't ended yet, that's for sure).

(1) Watched the Special of another Ai Morinaga manga last year and it spoiled some parts of the story for me (I'm sensitive to spoilers--wish I'd known about the formatting of this particular SP beforehand), so I guess until I forget about those, I'll have to hold off on watching the actual drama version. BokuKano, however, I'd read the manga first, so I already know most of what to expect anyway.
Tags: drama, series: boku to kanojo no xxx, your and my secret
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