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(Last Edited: 22 August 2008)

While this is not strictly a friend-only journal, I lock up quite a few things. Just so you know. So, yeah, it might seem I never update, particularly when I don't have time/am too lazy, too uninspired to do fandom-type posts.

It makes sense putting this down, so maybe potential visitors looking at my journal will know what to expect.

Okay, I have this journal for a little over two years (and have actively posted in it for about a year and a half), so I think I should have a good idea of what it may contain by now.

I will almost certainly post about:

My impressions of small selections of Japanese entertainment I watch. Drama, tokusatsu, anime, and stuff I probably have forgotten to list here. I used to post a lot on Ultraman Mebius, but I don't feel very inspired lately. It's not that I fell out of love with the series or anything. I don't know, it might be because I currently have very little opportunity to watch Mebius, as well as most other things. I figure if I'm going to whine about how I can't watch things, it's more productive to just stay quiet. promises on the regularness of review posts for the time being.

My (fictional) writings and related ramblings. I like to write, and I like to talk about the way I write, even though I feel kind of silly posting about it.

Combination of the first two topics. This would be one of those discussion posts (or a meta; I'm still trying to figure out the exact meaning of this word from context, and not very succeeding). If I'm not too terribly shy, I would certainly bring my posts to relevant LJ communities, but as it is, I guess I must be content with what I have.

I may post about:

Manga I read. Shoujo, mostly, but not ordinary shoujo. How to explain, other than I don't much care for straight romance kind of thing in my manga? (I have Harlequin for that. ^^; Speaking of which, I picked up a few Harlequin titles that were illustrated by Japanese mangaka(s). (How do I pluralize words coming from Japanese, or I just don't? I mean, there are more than one mangaka (not on the same book, though), or maybe I'll just use the term 'manga illustrator.') Perhaps I just got lucky, but I like those few manga adaptations I read.) I tend to look for the extraordinary, the mythical, the out of this world kind of experience. As for shonen, I used to read some, but I feel I'm now too far removed. With a few exceptions, I only read what I've been following for the past ten years like Detective Conan.

I'm still wavering, though. Since I've been reading a lot of manga lately, I want to write about them, but most of them don't seem well-known in the U.S. (or any part of the world for that matter, not even Japan), and I don't feel up to providing research necessary (wikipedia-style: they do much better job anyway). I think they are obscure to the point that I'll get on Google for sure if I do post about them. But people coming from Google searches (if there is any) almost never let me know they are reading my posts. Oh well...

I may also post some memes. If they don't require too much efforts (I give up when I'm staring at ninety questions thing that can't be answer in one word for each question). But I'm trying to cut down on them, just because I prefer not to follow the herd (and that's the meme from last year). That said, even this very post might have been a meme (it feels like I've seen similar posts, though I can't remember where).

Downloads - This will be on hiatus until I have a better internet connection. However, the links that I've already put up should still work. (If not, feel free to tell me here or on the relevant posts or via LJ e-mail.)

I will almost never post about:

- What I eat for dinner, lunch, breakfast, unless it can be related somehow to the above topics, and since I don't have Japanese food all that much (hah, I just like tempura and tonkatsu, so I guess they would be unlikely to come up again)...

- Non-Japanese Entertainment:
I'm sadly lacking in my Hollywood knowledge. And I did a TV meme that went around and found that I haven't seen even 1/10 of that list. And not watching other things mostly due to language barrier and availability.

- Current events:
There are much better sources for news (or even editorials), and unless there is a serious natural or man-made disaster right where I live, I probably won't even mention it.
(Well, if I just can't resist--like the Olympic right now, the posts will not be public.)

- Real life posts:
Seems like I use this journal to vent a lot lately, but a casual browser is mostly spared because I lock almost everything remotely personal. I even have a few filters for those posts, but I'm not that organized. One of these days, I might sit down and ask f-list which filter(s) they like to be on. That is, if I still care to post about my real life on a regular basis.

I have a personal journal here, which I updated somewhat for about a month and a half, but I'm now too lazy keeping up with two journals (heck, I'm not even posting that much on this journal either).

More as I thought of something...
Tags: anime, drama, lj, manga, real life, series: detective conan, ultraman mebius, writing
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