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Kamen Rider Kiva Episode 7 (Spoilers)

(Yes, I'm this far behind on Kiva. The sad thing is it's not really because I have been watching something else...)

Saw episode 7, twice, and I think I still don't understand it. Which is very strange, since this is probably a very straight forward episode compared to some previous ones.

Short version, an emo French restaurant which is not mal d'amour is eating its customers. The 2008 Fangire hunter team (the oh so wonderful Auzora organization, note the heavy sarcasm) is dispatched to investigate. Meanwhile, unpleasant stuff happened to mal d'amour's customers back in 1986. (And if you ask me, I did guess who the culprit was since the last episode, what with the obvious clue at the end of that episode.) The 2008 fangire escapes because Nago once again distracts Kiva.

Oh well. Let's do a partial recap. The episode starts with a scene from the last episode, as usual. Then we get to see Wataru, Shizuka, and Megumi, who is about to go out of the hospital. Then Nago comes, with flowers (roses) and tells her to stay longer (presumably so she doesn't get in the way of his work). Megumi gets upset and just shouts she would not stay. Nago says she would. They argue back and forth. Wataru looks helpless. At one points, Nago remarks to Wataru that Megumi is an annoying onee-san, and Wataru, probably out of a force of habit of agreeing with Nago, says yes. Megumi eyes Wataru as if she wants to shake him (maybe she actually does shake him, I don't know) and demands what the heck he's saying. Wataru, being Wataru, can't answer her.

Cut to a count Dracula lookalike (well, to me anyway). He is disposing of his servant, saying the guy is the fifth butler he's lost. Then he decides he would wake up all his servants back to life, instead (I think? I'm not very sure of this part).

After the OP, Wataru and Shizuka are out catching some worm--er--off the flower petals Wataru needs to further his quest of the perfect violin color. Well, only Wataru is; Shizuka* is busy screaming her head off when he makes her hold the worm catcher (not the right name for the instrument, but will do until I have the time to look it up) with a live worm wiggling on its end since he needs his hands to answer his cellphone.

(*This girl is not very well-named, is she? Or maybe this is intentional?)

It is Megumi on the other end of the line. (Why am I not surprised?) She is at a shoe store, trying on shoes. She asks Wataru to come meet her for a date, sort of. I think he's about to agree when Shizuka throws away the worm catcher and snatches Wataru's cellphone from his hand. She says something to the effect of 'that's not possible since it is too soon for Wataru to go on a date.' The phone connection gets cut, of course (I'm not at all surprised), much to Shizuka's chargrin. (Well, you cut in other people's conversation. What do you expect?)

Anyway, Nago appears. Note that he always shows up at the right place and time so far (well, he does inconvenience some people with his perfect timing). He has a job for Wataru, since Wataru has asked to become his pupil earlier.

...And this is the part I got lazy. I might finish the recap, but it's probably easier (and more enjoyable) to watch the real thing.

Been thinking about Megumi/Nago dynamic, since they argue two times (with Wataru as a reluctant witness) in this episode alone. I don't think Nago goes out of his way to be annoying to Megumi as she seems to assert. It is very possible that he honestly doesn't understand why she "twists his words around." Moreover, I'm not so sure Megumi understands the reason herself.

As for Yuri/Otoya thing, I'm not sure. It is still pretty one-note, from my point of view. Otoya flirting, Yuri shouting at him to stop. I'm not exactly annoyed with this kind of repetition, but I don't really care whether they would get together either. (So Yuri can laugh, but she reverts back to her own inflexible self soon enough.) In fact, I don't know if I'm completely fine with the idea of Yuri getting together with anyone at all. I know she has to, at some point, to produce Megumi, but I kind of wish there isn't any romance in the encounter. Sorry, but Yuri is just not someone I can picture believably in a romantic relationship, where she's all woman. (Although I'm quite sure I'll be contradicted later on in the series.)

I probably have to watch episode 8 at least twice also to let it sink in. Oh well.
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