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A few additional thoughts on Ultraman Mebius episodes 1, 21, 22

I should be sleeping, but...

(This is mostly inspired by an e-mail I read earlier. The parts that are not originally my ideas (i.e. my attempts at paraphrasing) would be set off with ilatic.)

I was thinking about how Mirai knows to do basic stuff like wearing clothes when he meets the balloon girl in episode 1. True, perhaps the elders tell him that humans generally don't go around naked, but why that particular combination of jackets and jeans? Why not something similar to Hiroto Ban's clothings, since those were presumably the first set of human garments Mebius had ever seen? And what if Mirai was naked anyway, even though the possibility might be remote? I think the balloon girl would either run screaming or lead him straight to the police. And I'm really too scared to think of how Ban-san would react...

Another question posed is how Mirai correctly located Ban-san's house. After all, it's his first time on Earth. To borrow a few ideas, I'm tempted to say that Mirai and Hiroto have formed a deep psychological/mind connection in those few minutes they have been in one another's company. (Although Hiroto probably doesn't really know where his father's house is either since he has never been to Earth, so that argument might be mute.) Anyway, if Mirai asks people for direction, I can't imagine who he will talk to, since he doesn't yet know Sakomizu or GUYS. I don't suppose he would stop random passer-bys for information?
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