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Kamen Rider Kiva Episodes 8,9,10 (Spoilers)

I don't know why I feel the need to state my feelings on Kiva. Right now they're very mixed. On one hand, I do enjoy watching. On the other hand, I don't feel the need to hurry and catch up. And I've probably forgotten some of what I used to write, so I may have inadvertently contradicted myself...

Episode 8 is the conclusion of the people-eating restaurant. It is, to say unkindly, a boring episode which I spent over an hour watching on and off because I just couldn't stand to watch some parts. Add in the very last scene I don't care for, and this episode would probably remain forever forgotten in my mind.

...Yes, I suppose I was disappointed, despite the sailor kid (I've gotten his human name confused with that of the third occupant of the castle--go me; but really? To me, Ramon doesn't really sound like a name of a prepubescent teenage boy) showing up wrecking small havoc in the past. Other than that, all I considered the good stuff (which are all too little) are repeats of episode 7, but paler imitations (the date at the restaurant, the dracula calling out his dead minions, etc.) Not even finding out a little about Nago saves this episode for me, and I live for back stories. (His reactions then were exactly what I expected of him, so that's not a problem at all.) And I guess I better brace myself for more castle-size fighting in future episodes.

Hate is a strong word for me, and I'm not sure if I should use it for my feeling on episode 8. All I know is, if this is the first episode I've seen of this series, it would not motivate me to seek out any more episodes. But that's not really a problem nor relevant. I don't usually watch episodes out of order, unless I find a random episode on TV, but I'm very unlikely to watch toku on TV unless I magically move to Japan. Or have a better internet connection, as well as money for a Slingbox and this service.

Episodes 9-10 probably should be discussed as a unit. (Not that I really attempt to have a formal discussion or review here.) Vast improvement over episode 8. Major secret out, kinda, but as I suspected, no one believes it, coming from Otoya.

The violinist (not the name, but I'm too tired to look it up at the moment) fangire (or maybe he's just a maker of violin? Never remember seeing him play) is kinda interesting (and perhaps I'm silly in thinking I've seen the actor somewhere (as in another toku) before). I wish there is more on him other than what we're told. Anyway, I'm glad Kiva wasn't the mindless fighting machine for once. Wataru did care about this fangire, and even wonder if all fangires were bad. Well, of course they are, says the all-knowing, all-correct Nago (who, btw, comes to see Wataru despite his own saying/proclamation of not wishing to see Wataru again (Nago is not this polite in making his command, but I digress...)).

And one just knows that state of affair could not last even for one episode. Nago and Wataru not meeting face-to-face ever again? The end of Kiva, as far as I'm concerned.

IXA makes the first appearance in episode 9 (that part where Nago gets mad at Wataru for shielding the fangire). I don't have any reaction other than to say 'it's about time'.

Is episode 10 the first time Wataru ignores the cry of the bloody rose? I'm tempted to say it is just because he's not exactly mindless about the fight earlier either. I actually like his rebellion, even though he's placing lives at risk, because I like a character who can think for himself and not blindly follow orders (which is the reason I dislike the slavish characters who strive to please their masters, but that's a different rant). (Not that Wataru's irresponsibility is excusable, but I kind of get the impression that he didn't voluntarily sign up to be a rider.) Though I have to assume, for some reason, Wataru must have believed there is only one fangire per two episodes, unless Spider comes back from whichever insane asylum he has been keeping himself. Seriously though, it doesn't appear that Wataru even considers the possibility that the fangire currently hurting humans could have been some other fangire.

I was almost disappointed that Kiva might look to be the one to destroy the fangire. I knew it's necessary, and would accept it if I had to, but Kiva killing the fangire would have undone what they tried to build: namely, the relationship (perhaps I better say friendship, but it's in the teacher and student way) between Wataru and the fangire (in human form). Though it could have been heart-breaking and Wataru has to spend some time in therapy sessions.

(Actually, it's the same kind of thing that bothered me about episode 4. But then I guess Wataru didn't exactly have an emotional connection with that lawyer fangire, and the fangire had no intention of stopping the fight or of attacking humans anyway. Curiously though, these two fangires had interacted with Otoya in some rather significant (personal) way (I think Otoya got tangled up with practically every fangire, but most is just a variation of him fighting them or him getting beaten up). One had a negative experience and remained forever bitter. The other one went away with a positive experience, so what in the world went wrong? Why did he come back to society when he wasn't ready? Just for the story's sake?)

But no, IXA got the dirty job of finishing off a fangire who couldn't keep his words of not attacking humans. (Wonder where he had been in the past 22 years to not have encountered any noise pollution. In a cave in the middle of nowhere?) And yes, Otoya. I'm not quite sure why Otoya helped this fangire. (Or perhaps what I mean to say is, in light of his larger irrelevant side, I can't trust myself to be able to correctly identify Otoya's serious side, small as it is, or as he seems willing to show it.) Anyway, I wonder if the fangire didn't attack because he actually sensed some greatness (which seems to elude all other humans and monsters) from Otoya.
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