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Ultraman Mebius Episode 44

Wasn't really going to write about this week's episode, but since it sort of concluded last week's episode, I might as well do it just for the sake of completion.

Edit: Turn out I do like this episode much more than I originally thought.  More stuff added toward the bottom.

Episode 43 left off with CREW GUYS in trouble controlling the flying Phoenix Nest and Mirai & co. sent to another dimension.  This week we found out what happened to them.  I honestly didn't have a high expectation for this episode, and for the most part, my feeling was spot on. 

The good (read: whatever caught my weird fancy):

+ Nasty, nasty Hirukawa.  I confess to being indifferent to him when he first appeared in episode 28, but Yapool making him sort of a representative of all human beings is a great use of his character.  (Totally highlighted his selfishness.)

+ Mirai taking abuse, both physically and mentally.  (What can I say?  I'm morbid that way.)

+ Ace's appearance and subsequent fight.  Also Minami and Hokuto (the two hosts of Ace)'s sort of reunion. 

The not-so-good (read: silly nit-picks):

- I felt like watching episode 30 all over again when Mebius fell down and his light gone out.

- Building on the above point, why had Aya do the cheering up again?  She just did the same thing in episode 43.  Obviously Hirukawa is useless for the cheering up role, but maybe they could have simply skipped this part (knocked out Aya earlier) and have only Hokuto talk to Mirai.

- I honestly couldn't tell who was doing what in the CREW GUYS sequences since most of the scenes were too dark.

- Probably a language barrier problem on my part, but the episode didn't seem to make clear whether Yapool died or not.  (Some might consider this a good thing.)  Although I'm almost certain this is not the last of Yapool. 

- Ace and Mebius fought separately, not together.

Messy Edits here:

Rewatching this episode, I think Yapool did die after all, because he seemed to say something along the line of there were the other three left who would carry on his dirty work against Mebius & GUYS.

And how can I forget Teppei's Fanboy Face (TM) when he cried out "Ultraman Ace"?

Aya said Mebius was her knight.  That was so cute.

No, it was actually not too dark in any of the GUYS scene.  (I knew it was a trivial complaint when I made it.)  But I still have my head mostly blurred as to what happened when.  Let's see.  Konomi, Teppei and the captain were in the control room.  George and Marina were on one Gun Speeder, Ryuu on the other.  G & M took over handling the stone pillar.  Hokuto told Marina what to do.  Marina called George 'amigo' (ha, ha).  They fired on a spot on the stone pillar.  The electricity was restored in Phoenix Nest.  (Maybe after a few more rewatches I can finally get all the sequences right.)

And I still can't figure out what Hirukawa said to Mirai afterward (after the 'I've seen your true identity' thing).  (Although, for the sake of fanfic I am writing, I hope he really did say he would shut up about it.)

He was basically announcing his intention to tell the world (or at least Japan) about what he learned.  I should have guessed.  Although why let Mirai know at all?  His sense of fair play?  Nah, I don't think so.  Hiru being good is just not Hiru everyone hates.

More if I can think of anything else.

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