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[Manga] Yamada Taro Monogatari

I'm currently in love with this series, which kind of surprises me a little. Yes, I've read Ai Morinaga manga before, so I sort of knew what kind of things to expect, but still, I was only mildly curious about this title (read a random thirty-ish chapter of another Ai Morinaga manga, and not impressed, probably because I hadn't started from the beginning). I downloaded the drama special, and kind of disappointed that it spoiled me, and not in the way I understood (makes no sense, I know, but I don't like spoilers, period, so I know not to go to wikipedia, but I didn't expect that I would willingly watch something that would spoil me for future stories). True, it wasn't that bad, but I felt cheated, that I wouldn't get to know these characters on my own. Now I fear my perceptions of them are forever colored by what was said in the special.

And that was the main reason I gave this series a pass, to try to forget what I had learned about the characters and the stories. But a few days ago, I came across a complete set of the manga, and it was priced reasonably enough. Me, being more curious than I should and felt like I've punished myself enough, bought the set and devoured them. I'm thinking I never like Boku to Kanojo no XXX this much, but then BokuKano seems to be more "niche" (if that is the word) by the fact that it bends scientific laws to suit the story (not that Yamada Taro doesn't, but I feel I could take Yamada Taro as more believable, if only marginally). BTW, in some volumes, Yamada does resemble the main character from BokuKano (ah, it's the other way around, actually, since Yamada Taro was drawn first, but I say that because Yamada usually looks more different, particularly on the manga covers).

And, this. I don't know, maybe I shouldn't be so happy about it. Ultraman references are not that scarce in anime and manga, but I think this is the first time I've seen one in a shoujo manga.

Working my way through the drama. I finished two episodes so far. :) Glad that episode 2 (and the series in general) seems to improve on the original manga story. Although a guy (besides Yamada) whom I was really looking forward to doesn't (so far) seem as cute as the one in the manga. Not to mention this seemingly familiar place makes an appearance again (I suppose if I put myself to it, I can eventually find out exactly where this place is). And I so love the upbeat theme song (whose name is Happiness, I believe).
Tags: drama, manga, series: boku to kanojo no xxx, yamada taro monogatari
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