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Spring 2006 Anime - What I am watching

A month passed, and all I have so far is one lone entry that no one probably read except I. =)

I have watched a few new anime this spring 2006 season. One is School Rumble Season 2 (is a given since I love the first season). It's funny as ever, but there's still not enough Karasuma-kun (I must be the only one who likes him or his voice). Another is Ouran High School Host Club (is a given because I do like the manga). The anime is even better than the manga. I love all the symbolisms / metaphors added in the anime and have fun trying to spot them in each episode. Yet another is Nana (same reason as Ouran). It's okay, stays mostly faithful to the manga, although the backstory took a while to get through. Randomly, when Shouji says 'Nana-chan' I keep hearing 'Tenma-chan' (Shouji's voice = Harima's voice =)

A few weeks passed and I picked up another anime called The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. I'd resisted watching it, only because I was afraid I wouldn't like it (it was really hyped up and, in my opinion, the actual anime couldn't possibly be that great). I wasn't entirely wrong, though. While I do enjoy watching it, I am in no way obsessed. (And yes, I do prefer Ouran more for my Haruhi fix. Why do people insist on comparing these two shows anyway? I don't find them to be much alike, and if not for the main leads sharing the same name, I would have thought the two shows would not be mentioned in the same sentence at all.)

I still watch Sugar Sugar Rune (which technically is from 2005 season). The plot gets much more interesting now and I believe the anime is nearing the end. At a time like this, I really wish I know Japanese. Maybe it is time to buckle down and try to learn the language.

What? That's it? I guess. I like tokusatsu (live-action) more, but I'm making exception for a few anime this season (reasons given above) and Sugar Sugar Rune.
Tags: anime, ryosei konishi, series: melancholy of suzumiya haruhi, series: ouran host club, series: sugar sugar rune
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