Nikki's Corner (sennetari) wrote,
Nikki's Corner

[Torrent] Ultraman Mebius: Armored Darkness Stage 2 (and 1)

Okay, I think they forgot to put this up (and I checked since Saturday), in light of a certain major current event, but it's here now. Just in case someone else still needs the torrent link:

Mebius Gaiden 2 (I think it has Chinese subtitles, considering part one of this, which I got from the same place, also has Chinese subtitles.)

Will be a painful wait for me, since I have to forgo buying the DVDs for now. Anyway, hope people who were looking for the download link(s) can see this.

Edited to put in cached links as opposed to gibberish. :(
Tags: ultraman mebius
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