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Ultraman Mebius: Armored Darkness Stage 2 (Spoilers)

Just so I don't repeat my thoughts all over, I'll type them once in my journal. These include the stuff I forgot to spam write elsewhere, so...

The Ending of AD 2...

Is open-ended simply because they had already did the close-ended one in episode 50. The Ultra writers seem to have a dislike of repetitiveness (of this type; they don't care that we are seeing the same stock transformation over and over, sometimes more than once in an episode).

And that Ultra sign actually needs no translation. Everyone's reactions are clue enough for me. (But I guess I still want one? Er...time to read up on Ultra signs.)

And More on Kanata Haruzaki...

I definitely want to see more of him (ok, more Makoto Miyoshi is also nice), even though he has reverted to mostly unassuming guest he is supposed to be. But I blame his decreased appearance on time more than anything else. We only have 23 minutes, so I suppose the writers simply couldn't fit everything in.

...Yeah, that's the explanation I like the most.

Yes, AD is about Ryuu (and Kanata's whines lessons)...

Still, I guess I'm a little impressed with the time management here. The first part is all Kanata (and setting things up), and the second part is all action (like most of the TV series). So I suppose it make sense to put the parts on separate DVDs. I'll say one thing though. Ryuu is the center stage in both parts, moreso than Mirai, even though he's the titled character. Was I disappointed? Not at all. And I would say that whether I like Ryuu or not.

Everyone else seems to be an after thought.

...But not Hikari. The story needs him to get possessed by evil armors.

...Nor Ultraman King. He's a daisetsu(?) (thanks to sandpanther for the following correction) densetsu (legend) who saves Ryuu. (Yeah, Japanese language, one day I'll totally understand you.)

Mirai seems like a guest in his own series, though. I do think it's because the Earth storyline is concerned with the growth of GUYS more than anything else, so anyone not currently in the new Crew is not really a focus. (But what am I saying? I didn't see new Crew GUYS members other than Kanata either.)

Let's not forget the Bonding...

My mind was probably not in the right place, because that line didn't register with me at all. I just take it to refer to their souls joining/bonding in the original TV series.

Phoenix Brave is an alright form (I suppose only the toy version scares me), and I'm not surprised it's used again. But, even with so many people crowded in there, guess no one else gets to use the fighting grunts (or whatever they call the war cries) other than Mebius. It is something silly that I just can't get out of my mind as I watch the fight unfold (and I already have the shiny sword to distract me. I just love watching sword fights...or a sword clashing with other long reach weapon).

And last but not least...Serizawa and Hikari, who are, most assuredly, NOT the same character.

What's with Serizawa having the first and the last lines? And so confusing that I thought Hikari spoke them all at first? But I pause and think. 'Take care of Ryuu and GUYS'? That does not sound like Hikari's line at all. So, Ryuu is probably justified in saying "Serizawa" that first time Hikari speaks to him. (Not that I'm really clear what Serizawa said there...)

And Hikari's fate at the end? I worry to no ends, even though I know he has to be safe. They don't come this far to kill Hikari off for no reason. (It does happen in other toku, though, but I've never encountered senseless character death in Ultra series yet.)

::sighs:: That's not long, but I'm done...for now anyway.

EDIT: Sorry, this post is about Stage 2, not 1. (Cut and paste the subject line and was too forgetful to change it.)

EDIT 2: Looking for torrent? It's in this entry.
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