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Tiga & Mebius (and their human counterparts) in a game show

Tokyo Friend Park 2: 09/15/2008

Because I can't resist after finish watching this episode, which is, I assume, to promote the Ultraman movie. Ultraman Tiga and Ultraman Mebius appear, as well as fake kaiju (Red King and Baltan).

Okay, I guess Tokyo Friend Park 2 is another variety show, a la NEP League (reminds me that I still want to hunt down the D-BOYS episodes), but probably needs less understanding of the Japanese. It surprised the heck out of me when it showed up on v6_unlimited. For obvious reason, other than the mention of Hiroshi Nagano (Daigo) and UM Tiga, the post didn't also tell me that Shunji Igarashi (Mirai) or Takami Yoshimoto (Rena or Hayata's daughter, haha) were in it. (I realized their appearances by reading the screencap.) I would have downloaded and watched even if there was only Nagano, of course, but it's all the better this way.

Go watch it if you haven't, because I've probably spoiled most of the episode under the cut.

There are five games:

First one is sort of jumping and sticking on a wall. I suppose one just has to see it, because I really can't explain. Nagano is the best in this one, I think. (Yeah, Igarashi got even higher, but he messed up on his first try. I think they might be debating whether to give him another chance.)

Second one is with this large screen. There are blocks falling, a la Tetris. The contestant hits the block as they are falling down (or going up). It would stop when you hit it at the right time. The objective here seems to be...(hard to explain without picture)...bridging the blocks from left to right. So if the subsequent block doesn't stop adjacent to the previous one, you lose, I think. And the length of blocks get shorten as the game progresses.

Anyway, Igarashi missed the final block so the game was over and he fell down to the floor in a heap (sorry, I found that too hilarious). So well, since there is still plenty of time, the group gets another chance. (I thought they would have changed the position and let Igarashi go first or something, but no. Senpai first, then his love interest, then the rookie.) Long story short, Igarashi totally redeemed himself by saving them all with the last block.

Nagano seems to be consistently good throughout this game also.

Third one is the bowling ball one. Yeah, there's this green bowling ball (probably plastic, and it didn't look heavy) hanging down with rope the contestants are supposed to...(hard to explain without picture)...swing around, so that the ball hits as many pins as possible.

Anyway, they couldn't strike down all the pins in the first two rounds. However, they nailed all the pins in their third try, with plenty of time to spare. Either they are getting better (and learn the pattern) on their third try, or I suspect that the game (secretly) helps the contestants by slowing down (or stopping) the moving pins (or perhaps not anything that obvious, but this seems to be the game that can be interfered with the most and viewers would not really realize whether something is up).

Fourth game is totally my favorite, haha. It's some sort of picture quiz. I think each contestant is asked about things they like and/or know about. They have to identify things in the picture related to their topic (technically it's "problem" but I like "topic" better)--that seems to be chosen for them.

First round:

- First up is Yoshimoto. Not sure what her topic was (because I totally have no clue what the pictures were). I think she's asked about African musical instruments???? She gets them all correct.

- Next is Igarashi. Sadly he gets only the first two (out of five pictures) correct. The topic seems to be ramen, and has something to do with his father (such as his favorite food, perhaps?) (EDIT: Ah, see this comment instead for the correct question.)

- Last is Nagano. He is to identify Ultramen from their silhouettes. Since he likes them a lot, it follows that he should get them all correct. And he does, in this order: Seven, Dyna, Tiga (that's cheating), the original, Ace.

Second round:

Again, keeping the same order, Yoshimoto goes first. I guess the topic is still Africa-related(?). They show pictures of desert(?) animals (most of which, by the way, I don't recognize). She gets only three correct.

Igarashi is up next, again. I think the topic is about Japanese Olympic medalists.</s> (EDIT: Ah, see this comment instead for the correct question.) But how very very sad that he can't identify even one person. (Not that I was very surprised. He made the sort of face that spelled doom even before he saw the pictures.)

Nagano is last, again. And somehow I think he gets a topic that gives him very unfair adventage (a.k.a. most anything having to do with food). So of course every plate is all correctly identified. I'm impressed, really.

Yeah, they win this game. :)

The last game is table hockey. I can't say much about it, since I don't know much about it. Anyway, Igarashi seems to score the goal most often. Their opponents are the fake kaiju, Red King and Baltan. (Nice of Mebius and Tiga to not attack them too much and still let the kaiju be around to play against the contestants.) I think Igarashi stays at the table without a break but Nagano and Yoshimoto take turns. (Well, Yoshimoto seems to come down just so one could say she participates in the game, I think.) Needless to say that the contestants win this game. :)

...And I think I've run out of stream. So if, for some reason, you read this without watching first, there are still something else left to look forward to.
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