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Me, my non poll, songs, names, and songs again, in that order

So I guess I'll continue to type my way and not try to force change myself to be something I'm not comfortable with, as well as try to not take things too seriously. I like to think I've been writing more or less in the same way, after all.

That little bit of self-revelation aside, the next paragraph would seem rather odd, since I originally put in a self-indulgent poll about the current mood, location, and music (on LJ entries) in this space. Maybe I'll put that poll (and my answer) in a separate entry if I still think so strongly about it.

Speaking of songs, practically every song I listen to lately has the word 'mirai' in it. Wonder what that tells me about the kind of Japanese songs I like. (I don't remember so many 'future' in songs in other languages I do listen to. It could be because there are not really anime/tokusatsu equivalents in other languages.)

If I never mention it This goes way back, but Mirai is just about my most favorite name in the Japanese language (and, ironically, before Moebius, I can't even remember someone with that name who stands out to me), as well as Arata (strangely, I don't care much for the other more common? reading), Iori, Ai, Rui, Ran, and Wataru. It doesn't necessarily mean that I will like a character with one of these names, but I'm more predisposed to like them than not. (And if two actors who played characters with two of these names are in a new show together, all the better.) Case in point, I was downloading the raw of Arata Kangatari (i.e. Yuu Watase doing shonen) without knowing what it was (and I'm still not sure what it is without translations). Not very surprisingly, however, this manga reminds me of Fushigi Yuugi; not that I'd actually watched/read that series. Anyway, with the exception of Arata, I know of the names before I've seen/read the more obvious series where they supposedly come from. Must admit that I don't really recall a 'Rui', however. EDIT: Geez, it has been like what, only three months? And I claim to like the name.

My love of the name 'Mirai' is probably more special than the other six, though. I can't really explain it, but I'm really shallow when it comes to this name. I've named a few characters with this name and now live to regret it because I keep seeing the Moebius Mirai in those characters. At least one other reason is I really prefer gender ambiguous neutral names in general and wish I could have one. Though I believe I've come across a female Wataru before. And I'm pretty sure I've seen both females and males with the names 'Iori', 'Ai', 'Rui' and 'Ran' (but probably with different Kanji characters)). Thinking to look for the definitions for the two of which I still don't know at least one meaning (hey, I like the sound of iori and rui), I'm not best pleased that none of these names shows up on TVTropes. (Of course, I still haven't gotten around to getting the definitions after wasting spending five hours on that site.)

Back to songs, Japanese songs without any variation of Engrish English don't seem exist anymore. It might just be the type of songs (anime/tokusatsu) I listen to, though.

I like strikethroughs at least as much as parentheses today, it seems. Ha. I can't seem to state things directly today.
Tags: anime, drama, fandom, japanese, lj, manga, mirai, tokusatsu, tvtropes has nearly taken over my life
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