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Signs of life, perhaps

So long time no see. I don't really have much energy these days, so fandom stuff and life in general kind of come to a stand still.

Fandom-wise, I've been on a Detective Conan (I'd rather not call this series Case Closed) binge for a while, but even now it's kind of taper off. It mostly started with watching all the movies (because I've seen them on sale almost everywhere), which are kinda like OVAs since GA didn't write them. I love some and don't like some, but that's normal with everything I see, I think. And next I tackled the manga, since I last left off just before a big anticipating arc. Have to say I'm a little disappointed with the arc. In any case, I've (almost) caught up with the manga, and watched like around forty something random anime episodes (contradicting myself, but then I never did say I wouldn't watch any, just that I didn't want to go through all 500+ episodes) so far. I'm seriously behind on everything coming out this year, and I'm not quite sure which episode* I last watched of Moebius (the AD stuff, yay, but I mean regular episode).

(Okay, not real edits, because they were all typed up with the rest of the post. I just don't know how to put them in any other way, so forgive my lack of organization here.)

EDIT: Takeru Sato likes DC, or so he says in an interview (Cool-Up 12, I think). How cool is that?

(While I've heard of the rest of his choices, I can't say I'm any familiar with them (though I've been meaning to check out Cheeky Angel like in forever because crossdressing-genderbending stuff fascinates me and I think I read one chapter of One Piece no where near the beginning, so I was utterly lost). ::sighs:: This is just a happy coincidental case of me liking (one of) the same thing. But really, this might all be for naught since there might be another series named Conan I don't know of. He only says "Conan" after all, not "Meitantei Conan".)

EDIT EDIT: *Well, might not be the last I saw, but I found a few notes on the 10,000 paper crane episode, the one with a long-lost prince of somewhere asking Marina out for no discernible reason (to me) a date.

EDIT EDIT EDIT: Recently read of someone being scared of cases in DC. I'm tempted to introduce them to Kindaichi, because I still have nightmares about some of the cases there (while never remembering the reason(s) Miyuki and Kindaichi (the main couple) go nowhere romantically; there is a big reason in DC preventing the main romance (but it still does progress, just very slowly over the past 12 years), of course, which isn't presented in Kindaichi).

EDIT EDIT EDIT EDIT: So more old dramas to hunt down. Yeah, I mean live action Kindaichi (newer version, played by the guy I usually confuse with Hiro Mizushima (sorry, the same excuse about my utter lack of face recog skill...) and caused me to buy a grade school magazine because I thought he was Hiro at the very first glance) Vs live action Shin'ichi--I personally don't know who would win). I was going to look for some episodes of it since I watched the Meitantei Conan specials, but the significance of who was playing new Kindaichi didn't quite register until recently (and people seem to think the old version was better anyway). Anyway, I think Kindaichi has an anime too, just that I've never really come across it.

So there's a pattern of me going off on series only a few people (if I'm that lucky) may recognize. If anyone is curious, however, any search engine should turn them all up easily. (Tags are not very accurate either, but I'm too tired to bother with full titles/names.)
Tags: anime, arashi, drama, kindaichi, real life, series: detective conan, takeru sato, ultraman mebius
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