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More on the shrunken detective named Conan

I tried to post about other things, but it's not working. I'm stuck with the adventures of the shrunken detective and his friends for now, and I can't even say I'm unhappy about that. (I probably should go somewhere like on detective_conan, but I'm too shy, so I'm here, instead.) And sorry that I'm not going to cut the post as much as I usually do.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was watching all Detective Conan movies I could get my hand on. (All 11 of them; The 12th movie, Full Score of Fear, was out in theatre last April, and is being subbed at the moment, I believe.) Here, have a GPP (gratuitous picture post) which I hid in that last post:

(Conan is at the top right hand corner, very small and blurry (hey, I can't even scan properly). And nope, I don't know who the female half of the cover is.)

Anyway, my feelings on the movies were rather mixed. The following is more of an elaboration of my reactions to the movies. And spoilers, probably.

I watched the earlier movies some time ago (yeah, right after the drama specials), so I don't have much details, if any.

For a classic timed on the line case, I think Movie 1 is very good. But I personally don't like the villain in that one, so points deducted. OTOH, Shin'ichi (well, Conan) and Ran's moments are too sweet.

Movie 2...I don't like the villian here either, and thought he as insane as the one in the first movie. I think what's bothering me is both villains make Ran hostage. (Yeah, so Conan can be a hero, etc. etc., but Ran is good at protecting herself. I'll admit that she's weak in this movie out of necessity, but still...)

Movie 3. I want more KID (even though, personally, I think he's a little overrated). Anyway, I've guessed who he is, like, from the beginning, so half of the fun is gone. And stupid villain? Nah. But somehow I just don't really enjoy this movie all that much.

Movie 4. Sad, but it's the one I dislike the most. Part of the reason is the whole 'Ran being helpless' thing. And don't get me start on the two-faced villain (whom I pegged almost right from the start). Or the many skills Conan (Shin'ichi) has picked up in Hawaii.

Movie 5. Over all, it has shades of the first movie (but I must be the only one who thinks so). I was fooled about Haibara's phone call. BO didn't do much. But I love, love the actions toward the end (I re-watch the relevant parts many times). Villain here is one of the better ones (if you can call a villain good). While I hate most villains' reasons for commiting crimes, I could sympathize with this one. Well, almost.

Movie 6. I heard a lot of people dislike it, but it's the one I really like. No mystery about the criminal, because we are shown who he is from the beginning.

I have to confess, the virtual world totally reminds me of a Japanese variety game show called NepLeague (well, I'm sure there are other similar ones, but this is the only one I'm more or less familiar with). Though if NepLeague really kills off its contestants when they fail a mission (and they will), the program would have been canceled and everyone involved in producing it gets sent off to jail.

Movie 7. I like Shin'ichi/Ran moments better than Heiji/Kazuha's (sorry, but Shin/Ran seems to get so little love; too many folks seem to want them with other people). Anyway, I've guessed who the little girl is from the beginning (sometimes I wish I would not be so good at this kind of thing), though I have to admit I was slightly misled for ten seconds. I just attribute that to Heiji being confused after just waking up.

Overall, too much mystery relying heavily on Japanese (cultural/historical) knowledge, so that kind of dampened my enjoyment (not that I'm not interested in those knowledge, but as I was coming in to relax, I was just not very prepared for the lessons). And names = numbers thing repeated from Movie 2 (even Conan makes references to that time). Still, the action at the end kind of made up for it. And a surprise which I already got spoiled. Next time I will not watch trailers. (I didn't do it on purpose this time either. It was at the beginning of Movie 6 on the VCD I bought.)

Movie 8: My absolute favorite. I think it's my most fave among the movies.

Everything is just done right. KID Conan chase, etc. (Well, some say the murder in the middle is kind of lame, but remember, if that case didn't happen, the deadly consequence of that couldn't happen either.) It's sad that this character has villain written all over them, but I have dismissed it because it would be too obvious. Well, sometimes they do the obvious, too.

But points off for reusing the KID trick from back in movie 3. Geez.

Movie 9: I'm disappointed, to tell the truth. I dislike the villain. Seems they put this character in just to make some kind of statement regarding Kogoro. Shin'ichi/Ran moment isn't as much as I thought. And yeah, why would Ran return to a sinking ship on such a flimsy reason? And why the hell the crew member let her? Same could be said about Conan. If he were an adult (i.e. Shin'ichi), I could understand the police letting him go back to the ship. (At least his reason for coming is to tie up loose end and help Kogoro (and Ran, since she stupidly becomes a liability)).

Anyway, it's not without its good parts. Kogoro fans will probably like this one. And, yeah, Shin/Ran moments. Just be aware that their moments are not really a lot (I'll take scraps, actually, but I was disappointed because it was less than I was led to believe). But it's the only one up to this point that doesn't have other focus (semi-regular) character. (You know, like how movie one has Shiratori, two - Eri, three - Kid, four - Sato, five - Haibara, six - Yusaku, seven - Heiji, eight - Kid again.) Or maybe I can count Kogoro for this movie, but he's really part of the main cast. (And Haibara is part of the main cast, too, so...)

Movie 10: I like it. I would rank it only slightly lower than movie 8. The villain (or I should say murderer) in this one is actually one-note (though whose appearance led me to think of another DC villain, who is way more cool). But then it wasn't the one I was gaga over (haha, my fingers slipped). Actually, I like the term I see reference to the one I'm talking about, the armchair villain. Confess that I didn't realize who it was at all until the end. Though I should, since there have been pretty big clues planted. Anyway, this guy isn't very consistent with everything, but the fact that he loves ____ (password clue answer) is probably the only thing that remains constant (and yay, I did guess it before Conan; felt a little proud).

KID fans can be happy with this one too, I suppose. So since I criticize the KID trick in movie 8, this one isn't revealed so obviously anymore. (As if I have any influence on the movies; I watch them long after they have been out anyway.) But I caught it midway through anyway. (And there are clues scattered about.) Still, from what I have looked around, there seem to be folks who still haven't caught on.

Oh, and that Osaka guy (and his girlfriend) is also in this movie, if you're a fan. It's not really about him (them), though.

Movie 11 is the hardest for me to decide. On one hand, it seems really hyped up. On the other hand, it has not entirely disappointed. It has shades of Movie 9 (you know, we are thrown into the setting right away. Doesn't help that this time it's also near the ocean. And a certain someone as a damsel in distress, again), but somehow, this movie seems to have some variety to not bore me...much.

I didn't guess at the culprit (well, villain seems too strong a word for this character), although after listing off characters, we are really left only with this one. The motivation is weak (and, which, in fact, I'm still not sure I understand), but somehow this character doesn't irritate me (as much as the villains from some other movies do).

And I learn something new about pirates. Doesn't matter that it might not be accurate.

I should say something about Lame Quiz of the Day (tm), because Genta gets this one right (haha). I only start noticing it from Movie 7. The quizzers: Agasa - Shin'ichi (haha) - Agasa again I think - Ran - Agasa again.

So to conclude, Detective Conan movies seem to have something for almost everyone. I notice the ones I enjoy are usually the ones people don't likes and vice versa. I might even try to re-watch 4, but I don't think I care enough at this point. Generally, though, I like Conan's voice. And Heiji's, whose voice actor's pronunciation of English actually seems decent.

(Why am I not surprised that the kid and Shin'ichi have the same voice? One could double for another without much trouble anyway.)

And to everyone who has not seen them, watch the Meitantei Conan drama specials for Shun Oguri. They're not perfect (in fact, the murder case in each is rather ordinary--though I must say I'm not watching DC for deep mind numbling (that's not a word? It should be) mysteries most of the time), but time has really mellowed my views of them (even that girl who played Ran, she can't be that bad an actress, surely). They're all subbed so no excuse of not being able to understand Japanese. ;P The first one is by KnKF, a now defunct group, I think, who used to put out anime episodes, and the second is by TimeLesSub (yes, the folks who put out Takeru Sato dramas this year; wonder if their staff is his fan or just happy coincidence in my favor again).

::glances up:: Gee, I live far too much in the past and not enough in the present.
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