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In lieu of a review...

Dear a certain giant hero,

After you rescue a person, you're supposed to set him/her down to the ground and ensure his/her safety before going off to fight. Not to get attacked while having a staring contest with the baddie and letting the person you've supposedly saved flying out of your hand to some place you don't even know (it's a wonder this person is still alive, let alone seems to be no worse off, at the end of this show). The sad/ironic thing is, I was really looking forward to this part.

Still love the theme song,


P.S. Yes, I'm generalizing, and perhaps it's not very fair, but.

EDIT: well, I think I used the Japanese word wrong, so I changed it to English instead. And re-wrote the first sentence since the original one kind of confuses me now.

EDIT EDIT: I'm not hiding who this guy is anymore...
Tags: kamen rider j, tokusatsu
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