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So I seem to make a habit of posting once every two weeks. There was a reason this time, though, which I sort of mention later on.

Watched Detective Conan movie 12 (after the subbed version has been out for a week) last night. Was going to do a summary, but I guess I'm too lazy, even though the one I found had some errors in it. I don't know, maybe a longer post on this movie alone when I have the time.

Anyway, I like Full Score of Fear, certainly a lot better than I expected to. It's all music and I actually don't have enough musical background to appreciate this one, but somehow, I really enjoyed watching it. This is not the best Conan movie (for me that is still movie 8), nor do I think it is for everyone, but it is just so beautiful and elegant. The action scenes are minimal, which I find such a refreshing change, since it compensates by developing a character, instead. (Things I find fascinating: they dial a phone by "putting" the receiver off the hook and producing the right frequencies by making sound orally (like "singing" but not quite--it's more like when they do voice training).)

And I just bought a Detective Conan novelization. Flipping through a few pages, I think it's probably an official fanfiction for Conan, if that's the word for it. (I'm not sure whether the writer came up with the story and simply based it on the Conan universe, or Gosho Aoyama actually created the situation/the case and the writer simply expanded on that.) What am I thinking, though? I don't even read most Conan fanfictions for free and now I'm paying money to read a published one. If it's bad I don't even know what to do.

Oh, other than Conan stuff, been reading a lot of old (and obscure) shoujo manga (since my computer was temporarily out of order). There is one in particular I really like, almost better than Duck Prince, which is still my very favorite, despite too many unresolved plot threads (guess we have fanfictions to remedy those problems; not that I've actually found one fic in this fandom). Just on an off chance someone is interested, it's called Donmai Princess (or "Don't Mind Princess" in English), and there are scanslations of the first few chapters around. I laughed so hard reading this manga. One thing though, the characters don't exactly develop. This is purely a romantic (maybe?) comedy, and I enjoy it exactly for what it is. Well, actually I have a real weakness for a hero who will do (almost) everything for a heroine/his lover, no matter how unreasonable, without wanting anything (except her love) in return. I don't ask so much for the heroine in this type of series, but I found I like this girl as well. (And I'm not saying that just because I like the hero. For me, annoying heroine is annoying.)

So the hero and heroine promised each other in the past life (oh, so romantic) to come meet again and fall in love. However, a jealous someone tore them apart and cursed them to not reunite in the next life. This present life, the hero retains his memory, but the heroine doesn't, so he goes to a ridiculous (but oh so funny) length to restore her memory and reclaim her love. She takes exceptions to his efforts, though. Well, you see, she already has a lover--a manga character named Blue Solomon, who can shoot laser beam out of eyes and defeats evey dragon he comes across. How can an ordinary high school guy hope to compete with this hero, even though he only lives on paper?

A few seem to think the heroine is dense, but I don't think so. She's weird, though, I'll admit that, but I think the heroine (and I use the term loosely) from Duck Prince is more weird, and I don't even understand that girl. Anyway, Donmai Princess heroine is a manga otaku, which I think is rather cute. And there is a character that really reminds me of another character in Duck Prince. (It would be a spoiler if I say who it was, though, and I was glad I didn't get spoiled for it.)
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