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Random excerpts from obscure series fics

Well, too many incomplete thoughts, I have, and some I don't really want to talk about, so a meme instead:

There's a meme that'd been floating around the middle of last month, I think, to post one sentence from each of your current work in progress. Well, I can't really resist. Since I think these stuff will never really see the light of day anyway, I might as well post excerpts (that make absolutely no sense without context). Not to whet appetite or anything, since one of these is from a fic in the fandom of one (seriously; I can't locate any English fic for it online, and not that I'm too sure Japanese ones exist either). The other one isn't exactly a fandom of one, but I'm not involved with it, so it kind of feels almost the same.

From the 'fandom of one' fic:

"Don't worry. I don't really care. I know only women listen to my songs."

"That's not true! I do, too!" Celen put her hands over her mouth (as if she realizes she has revealed something of herself she shouldn't).


"Anyway, go try it at your place. This place seems like it might be crawling with bugs of the human kind."

Jun looks a little disappointed. "I suppose you're right, Mama. Hopefully I won't die from it. Thank Dad for me, will you?"

"Sure. And you can take one of your reliable friends with you if you're afraid the medicine will kill you."


I can't really tell anymore when he actually can take care of things, or when he desperately needs help and simply putting on a mask saying otherwise.


From the 'I'm not involved with fandom' fic:

What, Mimura-kun? Do you want me to scream and rail at fate--at the genie here? He won't give me money no matter what I do, so I can't waste my time on him. And speaking of time, I'm late for my supermarket job!

Wait...Tamiko! You can't go like that.


Oooh. Your boyfriend wants to pay you. How insensitive! I'm glad you did slap him.

Thanks, but in the end, I come to work in a place like this, so maybe he's right in thinking that money can buy me.

Yamada-san? You don't sound like you're very angry at him.

--- really ever been on anyone's side besides yourself?

Such a skeptic. But my track record is not the best, I'll admit.


Yeah. Even if your house comes down around you tomorrow, you would still say 'I'm fine'.

But it WON'T, will it?

That was a joke.

Oh. Oh, I see.

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