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Random thoughts on "Lonely Paradise"

(Spammage. But I want this episode to have a separate entry from episode 39.)

I just rewatched Mebius 40. It is a good episode but I'm still not quite sure if I like it.

- Mirai wearing the same clothing on his off-day. Seriously Mirai-kun, I'm sure you could afford to buy more clothings.

Edit: Actually his shirt seemed to be a simple white T-Shirt this time around. (It was a bit different from the other times where he had on a shirt with a few buttons at the top.) It was sure sad that I noticed this type of thing.

- Mirai ending up in that hospital bed for the fifth time. And here is something I've always been curious about. Mirai is not a human; he simply takes the form of one. Yet, no suspicion was ever raised out of his infirmary stay. Toward the end of Ultra Seven, if I recall correctly, (spoilers here - highlight to read) Dan/Seven refused to be examined by doctors because it would give away the fact that he was an alien. It could be that in Mebius time, mimic technology was so much better, that Mirai could copy the human form perfectly so that he was in every aspect physically identical to a human. Or, more likely, the doctors (they were all GUYS people) were told about him.

Edit: I have since learned not to question anything that's happening in toku shows. They may attempt a few reasonable explanations for some stuff happening, but in the end, it's anything goes as far as the director/writers are concerned.

- The Illustrator from Nexus was as creepy as ever as a plant person/monster.
(Who cares what character he played in Nexus? This is a Mebius review, for goodness sake.)

- What's with the ungrateful people who didn't seem to appreciate being rescued because they were afraid of being alone? "It is useless." Jeez, you would rather remain a plant monster with no more freedom than be by yourself with all the freedom. Some people. ::shakes head::

Edit: I truly don't understand this. I do have a fear of being alone, but I can manage it most of the time. Certainly I would never try to sell my soul so I don't have be alone. (Wait, didn't I just contradict myself? ::Points above at the edit just before this one::)

- That tunnel where Mirai fought with the plant person, I'm sure I've seen it before. (Let's see, in Garo, Nexus, Kabuto, and whatever else I haven't watched. Maybe I'll look up its actual location if I don't forget.)

- Mirai openly arguing with strangers. I actually winced whenever I saw that scene. Hadn't he learned by now that that type of behavior was really weird? (Not that I don't adore him for trying to help. Mirai would not be Mirai otherwise. And the melon pan seller seemed to agree with what he said. :)

Edit: So did Mirai know or not know before the melon pan seller told him that humans were afraid of being alone? Not a big deal, but I just want to get the sequence right.

Edit 2: WTH did I mean by the edit right above this one? Man, I can't even understand what I myself typed a month ago. ::shakes head::

- The line of customers for the melon pan seemed to disappear pretty quickly. I don't think Mirai was talking to the girls long enough for that to happen. (Maybe I'll time that conversation next time I watch this episode. :)

Edit: I rewatched this episode, and found that the last few people in the line got to buy the melon pan as Mirai started talking to the girls. So it seems I was really mistaken. :)

- I have no first hand knowledge, but I don't think people in real life talk that openly about the selfish reasons they befriend someone. And conveniently, the subject of their conversation happens to hear them, like, almost by accident. Hello Naoko-chan, I can't believe that you didn't know by now that these girls (your so-called friends) were just using you. Anyway, this same subject of befriending someone just for their money comes up a lot in anime and manga, so maybe it actually is based a bit on real life in Japan. Who knows? (It seems I can't help questioning, even though I said I won't somewhere above.)

Hmm... Some of these sound eerily familiar. Forgive me, I'm simply not original enough. (The only way for me to avoid this next time is to simply avoid reading other people's reviews/opinions before writing my own.)
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