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[Jdrama] BokuKano 4-7 (End)

Ah, I just finished watching Boku to Kanojo no XXX (yes, I'm behind in time). It has been a while, so I forgot that I hadn't seen episode 4: the recap in episode 5 set me straight.

Anyway, I'm a little disappointed with the open ending. Perhaps that's the danger of doing the drama while the manga is still running. The drama people just can't end the drama in the way that will contradict the manga later on.

Yet I really think I like episodes 4 and 5 a lot. I wish I could go to Okinawa (well, I'm sure it will be one of those places I'll definitely visit before I leave this world). People seem to have a lot of fun there. And at how the main characters' debts keep piling up while in Okinawa (and debts come after them even when they return back home). This drama has two contests (competition type things where you can win money) in seven short episodes, and (because of the aforementioned debts) of course the protagonists try to win both. I do like that they don't have their fellow contestant(s) sabotaging their chances in the contests; they (er...only Momoi (who is actually Akira) and Shiina) compete using their (normal) skills. However, there is one instance (the speech where a contestant talks about issues that concern her, like about the environment, public events, etc. etc.) that make me roll my eyes, but I'm not really bothered about it. This is fiction, after all. People switching bodies is stretching the imagination to begin with.

As for episodes 6-7, I must admit I don't really care for the Yakuza scene, but well, I think that's effective in making life harder for the main characters and forcing them to stay in status quo. Others may disagree, but I believe one good thing about this scene is it seems to even the field a little. Not that one character is necessarily taking advantage of another character here (seems to be another story in the manga), but it might seem things go too easy for a while for one of the characters. Not that I think this particular high school kid didn't cause his own trouble, but extorting him for two million yens? The resolution of the scene even hinges on almost sheer coincidences, but at least it sends a good message (do unto others as you wish done to you, or some such similar saying).

So, should you watch this drama? I'll say if you don't mind suspending disbelief and are fine with gender bending, this is one pleasant way to pass the time. And the episodes are really short (16 minutes each) so there is hardly any time to waste with fillers. You don't need to be familiar with the manga at all. In fact, I think it's even better if you aren't, so you don't end up comparing it back to the original source. Don't get me wrong, though. I like the manga, but somehow the drama gives me more faith in an eventual satisfying resolution, if it ever decides to go there. (For instance, I don't really like one of the characters in the manga, but the drama made this character more human, while still retaining the traits that make he/she recognizable as that person.)

I'm going to watch other things, but none of them wants to play (well, picture--I get the sound) on my dvd player. Oh well. Until I figure it out...this is probably as close to fandom as I can get.

EDIT: Triple negatives for the lose (if this could be an expression). I can't believe I hadn't caught them until now.
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