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I first read the English version (by scanslator) of this manga (the one in icon) and never thought anything about it. But later I see the Japanese version, and gradually feel something might be a bit off. So I try translating.

My attempts (from one page--minus a handwritten word, which, while probably easy, I cannot read):

そこ どいてれないかしら? オバサン
there can't (you) move (out of the way) I wonder Aunt (old lady)

You there. Would you mind stepping aside? Aunt!

(I'm not sure if 'soko' in this case means 'you there' or just 'there' or just something that should not be translated.)

(scanslator: Isn't it shameful what you're doing? Old lady!)

This is in thoughts, not speech:
うわ 美人ー!
wow a beautiful woman!

Wow! A beauty!

(scanslator: Wow, what a beauty!)

Also in thoughts:
でも キッツイなー
but ???? na (ending marker: emphasis)

I think I might mistype this (the 'tsu' might be the large one? I can't tell since the sizes of 'tsu' and 'shi' are about the same) because I just can't parse this for some reason.

(scanslator: Gee, that was close.)

オバさんとは まさか私の事じゃあるまいな
Aunt to wa (particle: define word in front) by no means I no (particle: possessive) matter then exists (inanimated) don't intend to na (ending marker: for emphasis)

"Aunt," you say? Don't tell me you are talking about me?

(scanslator: Old lady? Me? Are you jealous of me?)

now here ni (particle: location marker) you exception no (particle: possessive) who exists (animated) no (particle: emotional emphasis? I'm not sure)?

Oh, is there anyone else here other than you? (Of course I'm talking about you.)

(scanslator: You think nobody else exists here?)

You have some nerve.

(Okay, not new translation, because this one seems to be about right.)

それ程でも ちなみに その人いやがってるわよ 離れてあげたら?
to that extent but incidentally that person dislike wa (particle: sentence end: emotion) yo (particle: sentence end: emphasis)
(better) leave (that person)?

To that extent, but incidentally, that person seems to not like it (being held by you). Is it not better to let go of him?

(scanslator: Yes, indeed. If that person refuses you, you'd better quit. Get it?)

EDIT: でも キッツイなー

I mistyped. Now it is correct. Sorry.
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