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Ultraman Tiga comic

Picked up the first volume of a Tiga comic today (seems like the cover says it's from Tony Wong Production--not that I'm too sure). I really didn't know what to expect except to read a story featuring Tiga, I think.

Well, perhaps I'm a little disappointed. It doesn't feel very familiar to me. For instance, Daigo doesn't seem like the one I know. But then I suppose different people can have different interpretations of the character. I don't like to admit this, but it is very possible that the Daigo I know might not be the Daigo someone else know. The Daigo in this comic seems too brash and a little show off (like Shinjoh, maybe? so they kind of have no respect for each other--something I miss from the TV series). Rena seems more like an airhead. And there is a character I don't know at all who is wearing a GUTS uniform (not even sure if he's lower ranked or higher ranked than Iruma). Tiga sure can talk in this version and there are three of them (hence the name 'tiga' I suppose). I feel like Tiga never answering Daigo in the TV series makes him more mysterious (and frustrating (for other characters), maybe, seeing if TV series Tiga opens his mouth, a lot of confusions might be avoided).

On the other hand, though, I think I like the art work (hey, that's why I bought the comic). The panels flow really well. The story is kind of interesting. Apart from the first part--where Daigo meets Tiga for the first time--the rest is different from the TV series. Daigo is drawn much more manly than his TV series counterpart, so maybe it's easier to identify him as the hero I suppose.

I never read much toku-based manga or comic so I don't know if I might have some not so positive preconceived notion on them or something. But I'm willing to try more if I come across more volumes of this Tiga comic.
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