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Weird Setsubun associations

(This post makes not much sense, if at all.)

So Detective Conan, of all things, first taught me Setsubun (well, not taught, but more like tell me the tradition(?) exists at all) when an episode has a father wearing an oni mask and being pelt by beans from his son. I had wondered about it at the time, but never really followed up on it (the way I was passive about many of the Japanese cultures). Next, perhaps a few weeks ago, I listened about red and blue monsters because Japanesepod101 mentioned it in one of their recent news podcasts. I was thinking of a pair of red and blue monsters (where one of them is good and one of them is...well...not good) from one episode of Ultraman Tiga when I first heard that but I wasn't too sure there is much connection when I finally listened to the culture class mentioned. Anyway, probably not by coincidence (but it seemed so for me because I had just begun to take an interest) a few days ago (though I just saw it) this Setsubun video happened. And then...
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