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More Thoughts on The Super 8 Ultraman Brothers! Movie

So I re-watched the new Ultraman movie because I just got a soft sub (thanks to yamatoforever for telling me that sub exists for the new Ultraman movie). Not a hundred percent certain, but I believe this soft sub comes from UltramanLah, courtesy of Psyke. I'm passing it along in case someone else is looking for sub (though everyone who needs sub probably has already gotten it by now).

Well, since I already post, here are a little more thoughts on the movie:

1. Mirai is the only one who is the same as the one from the TV series. Must compensate for the fact that he has little role in this movie. (Still satisfying, kind of. The dimensional traveling thing had been done before and frankly I liked it more when [spoilers spoilers for Gaia movie] Gamu did the same thing in his movie.) I still think his meetings with nii-san tachi are too funny, and now I partly blame Daigo for these mix-ups. (Tell the confused alien one thing at a time, for goodness sake!)

Everyone else the viewers are familiar with is not his/herself. I'm resigned to look at this movie as a fairy tale with familiar people with familiar names but with totally different backgrounds and futures (well, to be fair, the future parts might not be so different. The ones in the TV series just have to put their dreams on hold because being Ultramen are their full-time jobs).

2. So dream (and hope) is the answer to everything. Predictable, but it's the kind of predictability that I would gladly see time and again. Otherwise, without hope and dream, why would I bother to watch Ultraman at all?

3. So following that I'm probably going to contradict a lot of people, but I genuinely like the ending, now that I understand what that is all about. (I never hate it in any case, thinking it's a very fitting ending for a fairy tale. ^^;)

4. Correcting my earlier impression, everyone seems to think Daigo should forget his daydream of Ultraman (so he has left the dream behind already as a part of growing up, but starts to regaining it again recently)...except Rena (well, I realized before that she wasn't contradicting him, but wasn't sure exactly what she said).

5. So, let's meet again, shall we? When would that reunion takes place? Next movie? And when is that next movie?

...I guess it's just a throwaway line (I have a feeling it's sort of like when a Japanese says, 'I've moved to this new place; if you're passing through, feel free to visit'). Don't give me hope, Mirai. ^^;

6. No kids, thank goodness. I didn't really realize before that I usually find stuff with kids as central characters rather annoying (I mean the ones who keep doing silliest things and the hero(es) must help them out of their scrapes). Yes, there are kids in this movie, but since they grow up to be the heroes themselves, I don't mind.

7. Mismatched styles of first and second halves (the first half realistic, the second half more 'anime' like)? I no longer believe they are real problems. Honestly, I don't think this movie could be done better, without changing a whole lot of it. And then it would become a different story altogether and I might not like it at all. For me, even with the few complaints I have, the movie is perfect as it is.
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