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So I'm like four years late on Vampire Knight...

(Backdated post--so I didn't get the chance to post at the time because I was leaving town on a trip that I like to think was for my birthday. Posting the old and new posts together sounds like I'm contradicting myself...)

Assume some spoilers in here, though I try to be non-specific.

March 18, 2009:

I have the first season of VK lying around as long as I remember, but I just started watching it and now can't wait for slow download of second season. To tell the truth, though, I suspect that this might not hold up to repeated watching because all the suspense is gone, but for now I think I'm addicted.

I haven't read manga (except for the first chapter or so long long time ago), so I don't know how much the anime is following or not following the manga. But I kinda feel it's different. It seems almost like in the first season, it's starting off rushed (like the reveal* which I totally see coming ten miles away, even while I just read the little bit of manga; it's even more obvious in the anime), then slow down, then rushed again when the the real past is catching up.

(*This should have been dragged farther along than it had...because I think (well...almost) everything after that seems kind of go down hill.)

April 1, 2009:

So...I actually went out and bought the first volume of the manga. And I don't care for it...much. (The built-up in anime is better, for one thing.) I should have known it would be that way when I apparently couldn't read past the first chapter or so that long time ago. (Side note: around that same long time ago, I used to flip through the author's other manga, too (the prince one whose name escapes me), and remember not liking that one either. I wonder why. It couldn't possibly be the artwork, which is gorgeous, btw.) I don't know. Maybe the panels confuse me too much. I'm used to reading manga with more clean panels and not so busy drawings. In any case, I think the anime is pretty faithful in reproducing the manga artwork, and in following the manga storyline, too (though anime did add something which didn't originally exist in the manga--the first volume anyway--sort of a spoiler of a thing to come, maybe).

Having now finished anime (both seasons), and manga not really what I was looking for, I now feel kind of ambivalent. (Don't think I want to pay for more manga volumes, but I wouldn't say never--I kind of want to know what happens past anime, though it's a kind of want that is not very pressing.) I still like ON/OFF (the band who sings the theme songs), and most likely will seek out their other work, but VK and me probably have little to do with each other now.

And hey, I'm listening to Rondo because I like it, even though the first theme song is more of a Zero song. (I like Zero--well, in first season more than second--which is probably the intent of the anime producers all along; seems to me like Zero x Yuuki focus for first season and Kaname x Yuuki focus for second season. And nope, the fact that VA for Tamaki (from Ouran Host Club--meh, is there any other famous anime Tamaki around?) is voicing Zero has nothing to do with me liking the character (man, and I didn't even have any idea whose voice it was until almost half of the second season--around the time Zero's twin--who is voiced by the same VA--comes to school). But then I didn't recognize the VA for Yuuki either. Though I should--she's making virtually the same voice in everything I'd ever heard her in. But in short, I would have watched the anime much sooner if I'd known who Zero's VA is.)

Next up is probably Detective Conan (I've long since given up trying to watch all of 520+ episodes), though since I'm still in a vampire watching mood I might finish KR Kiva once and for all (can't even remember exactly where I last left off--not the episodes I last wrote about on here, though).
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