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More Detective Conan Anime - Episodes 478, 512, OVA2

(Man...I'm really on an anime roll. Bear with me, it's the last one for today.)

Watched three Detective Conan episodes. All original (not based on the manga chapters) as far as I can tell (well, I never read them, and I'm pretty much caught up--only a few chapters behind).

1. Real 30 minutes (episode 478):

There is a small (digital) clock at the top right corner in real time, except that they drew it, not inserted in later by the TV station. I don't think I understand the reason for the first crime (well, they explained it, kind of, but why that victim?)

2. The broken horoscope (episode 512):

The victim reminded me of the prima donna in live-action drama #2 (the kind of person everyone just hates). And yes, it's pretty easy to see who is the culprit; I just didn't have an explanation for the locked room.

3. 16 suspects (OVA 2):

I like it the best out of the three. It's kind of like 'a strand of hair in front of a mountain and hiding it' (well, don't know if there is this saying/expression around in English). Heiji is surprisingly not so slow on the romantic front this time around (he leaves Conan and Ran together alone). But I'm still a little confused anyway. A lot of things seem hinged on series of coincidences...not that I mind much.
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