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Finishing KR Kiva

I kind of put life on hold and marathon Kiva. And after up to about ep 46, I think those people are so pitiful...and I can't find even someone to hate...well, except Mio, but the very existence of her character annoys me. Not that I have a complaint with her actress (to be honest, I think this character is wasted on her--she can play a much more challenging role), but it seems bad that I hate the character. For once I agree with Bishop that the no good Queen like Mio should be dead (and stays that way).

The Maya Otoya Yuri triangle is better than I thought it would be. When I saw ep 26(?), I thought that was cheap, using the amnesia angle, but turned out it was nothing other than an opportunity for Maya to begin to get close to Otoya.

Got a sense that Otoya Yuri wasn't meant to be when Yuri suppressed her rage and not rushed in to break Otoya and Maya up (she's aggressive in other things, why not about her happiness?). It (the rage) was bound to come out at the worst possible time and destroyed everything. And yes, Otoya is betraying Yuri, but I can't--don't want to condemn him. It seems Otoya (or maybe men in general?) can compartmentalize his feelings better than Yuri can. Yuri is his fated woman. Maya is someone who understands his arts/everything that makes him who he is. In a way, he should have both of them (and well he did, just not at the same time).

Speaking of Maya, her actress (Saki Kagami) must have specialized playing this kind of character--the mysterious woman who might be a key to something greater. I think someone might have mentioned it (or maybe I thought it?) that she goes from light (she wears white for her role in UltraSeven X) to dark (well, she wears black in Kiva).

I do like the last episode, especially the wedding scene (I never really dream that they would actually put it in, though it's no big guess who the happy couple is, of course. I'm doubly happy that it's the pairing I support). And I still don't know who Megumi's father is (but is there actually a hint from Jirou's reactions, or am I reading far too much into that?), though I doubt if there is any need for me to know. And Taiga seems to always use rider forms (his normal one--Saga--or Dark Kiva). Did Taiga ever show his Fangire form? If he did, I missed it (and I'm sorry for that). The closest I remember is the snake-like things attacking when he's using his Fangire power. And...I'm almost positive that's Otoya's actor back to play Wataru's son from the future (man, he looks older than Wataru)...but his name doesn't seem to be in the end credits...

Not so related to Kiva, I'd been thinking I've seen the actor for Taiga from somewhere before (if I can, I don't read spoilers or actor announcement or anything like that), but kind of thought I was mistaken, as usual. (He looked less familiar (must be the Tendou reject hair) when I saw the movie (which might deserve an entry on its own, pure crack that it was), but it did make me confused for some time why this guy was apparently playing two characters.) After watching about half of the episodes Taiga appeared in, it began to dawn on me that his actor must be this guy whom I thought might get to be a main kamen rider (too bad I apparently never did write it down, but I really did think that when I first watched GARO Specials), so I checked the credits (which I usually never try to read because I don't yet recognize much kanji), and it is Shouma Yamamoto, all right. I thought he was really good in GARO, so I'm glad he got a role that can showcase his talent more (though I still want him to be the main character...not necessarily of Kiva--just a titled rider in general). (And since I did have Syouma down for I write Syouma or Shouma for his name? Might as well stick with kanji then. ETA: I'll go with Shouma, since I like this romanization better, and it appears it might be how he writes it, too.)

It has been a somewhat jerky ride. Have to admit that I really didn't like parts of the episodes in the mid 20's, so it's good that I have mostly forgotten the specifics (that irritated me--though a certain someone mentioned up above was probably the main reason) when I did continue watching the series. In the end I'm happy with it, and glad I stuck around for the finale.

So only the net movie left, and all the sides stuff. But for now, I think I'll take a break from KR Kiva and continue KR Decade (already three episodes in, and the main reason I hurried to finish up Kiva--because I thought I might get the ending of Kiva spoiled).

ETA: Oh, bloody rose. I wonder if that name is somehow related to vampires in general. Googling "Bloody Rose" gives me Vampire Knight stuff in the first link (not clicking on the link--this search is a quick 5 second job), which is not unexpected. But does that mean Kiva writers didn't originally come up with the term, or this is just some weird coincidence? Meh, it doesn't really matter either way. I suppose no one owns the term, after all. It's just two common English words.

ETA 2 @ the last minute of this day: Wow, ironically I somehow forgot the ending of Decade 3 and preview for Decade 4.
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