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Kamen Rider Blade Episodes 1-24

So I started watching KR Blade after running out of KR Decade episodes. Well, re-started is more like it. I did watch the first episode back when Blade first aired, but really wasn't interested enough to keep watching. (Not to mention I kept confusing the characters (I know I'm probably the only one with this problem--their hair look similar, but still...); heck, I still do (especially when a character rides his bike and I haven't paid too much attention to which bike it is), but I like to think I'm getting better, though.)

Okay, so I decided to give Blade another try, partly because of KR Decade (though since I watched past those episodes already, who knows how much I've already spoiled myself). By the end of episode 12, however, I couldn't figure out how everyone (except the 'look on the bright side' hero, probably) would ever come out of their pit of despair. I was seriously tempted to stop watching. I had had enough of depressing stuff. Not to mention I hated Tachibana for being a puppet with no thought of his own (he kept being controlled: first by his dream, then his weak body (psychologically, it seems), then by Isaka--or more specifically, by the miraculous plants Isaka fed him). I just knew it would take something drastic to make him break that destructive cycle and partly a reason I didn't want to continue on.

But I had a weak will about this. I had (at the time) up to episode 20, so I might as well watch more. I also hoped things might start looking up (um...they did, for the most part). Funny thing is, for a second I thought that glass kid Hajime saved was Mutsuki (probably because of Decade, but apparently I never looked too close at the opening credits--which had Mutsuki in there since the beginning but didn't have his name up until he became a rider). And speaking of that glass kid, I felt bad for Hajime then, though I think what happened (both with the mother and child he saved and with the glass kid) was a more realistic reaction than 'oh, you are a monster? Cool'.

Since then I have gotten four more episodes, and already watched them. So that's Kaoru from GARO being an Undead who gets her claws on Kotaro (I like the actress as a bad guy better than as Kaoru, apparently). And a few other high leveled Undeads, one of which seems to make 10,000 year old deal with Chalice--who apparently was sealed by the Undead whom I thought was Chalice (I felt kind of stupid for not noticing this before now, that he used a card to assume Chalice form). (Or maybe someone else has sealed Chalice? I guess I'll find out later.)

Character-wise, I think I've gotten over my hatred of Tachibana (he has mostly redeemed himself). I've always liked Hajime (who says one thing but does another thing)--and I think I notice a trend: I usually prefer characters who take pictures and/or are journalists probably because they mostly tend to be loners). And of course I'm rather fond of the good-hearted hero (could be only me, but he reminds me of Shouichi from KR Agito--well, I suppose if I have seen KR Ryuki past the first episode I might also think of Shinji). Kotaro the milk drinker is okay, too (kind of reminds me of Keitaro from KR Faiz, though I think I'm more indifferent to that guy). Hirose...well, I'm kind of indifferent right now--maybe she'll grow on me. As for Karasuma, he is forgotten for so long, and then when he's back, he leaves immediately afterward, so I don't think I see enough of this character to like or dislike him. I just think of him as a victim of circumstance, mostly. Amane--um...I don't think it's healthy right now for her to be too attached to Hajime (even leaving aside all the complications of his character), but otherwise she's a cool kid. And Mutsuki (whom I totally forgot the first time around)? I think this kid is really immature. Hope he learns to not be such a brat in later episodes.

After 24 episodes, I still don't quite know what to make of the series as a whole, but now I just have to finish it. If nothing else, I can safely go read what people talk about the series without fear of spoilers (which I have gotten aplenty already, I think). And yeah, even if I already know about something major, at least I can discover how it happens on my own.

ETA: Wonder when I should watch the movie. I'm guessing around episodes 27-28.

ETA 2: I don't usually look for slash on my own, but somehow it is staring at me since the first episode. Kind of weird since some of the guys do have girlfriends.
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