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So I'm not very surprised, but...

Just randomly, I took this little quiz...

(I must love this kind of thing...)

Which Kamen Rider Blade Rider Are You?

EDIT: I delete their code because it kind of messes up my computer. Here is the result page with picture.

If anyone would rather not click, it is Hajime, with this accompanying text:

You are Hajime, Kamen Rider Chalice. You hate everyone and everything. You will backstab your friends at any moment (assuming you have any that is). Though, you will show true emotions around the people that you really love.

I know why I got this guy, though it wasn't intentional at all. Besides, one of the choices I chose was more Kenzaki-like.

Anyway, I don't hate everyone, really (and I don't think Hajime really does either, his hate speech aside--now if it was his other identity...).

(And no, quiz maker, Hajime didn't backstab his friends, few that there seemed to be--though I do admit that some humans seemed to be put through some unfortunate experiences because they associated with him. If I have to say it, the backstabbing thing seemed to be more of Tachibana's doing.)

ETA: I forgot to say that I finished watching KR Blade. Loved it much and it will be hard for me to start watching the only other two heisei rider series I haven't seen (well, technically I had seen at least one episode of each), since I would rather re-watch Blade.

ETA 2: Something might be wrong with me since I don't mind getting this result and share it in a public entry. Anyway, I'll write better post for my impression of the series later on (whenever I can get around to it).
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