Nikki's Corner (sennetari) wrote,
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Igarashi Sensei

Since I'm still waiting for Mebius 45, I watched DD-Boys episode 19 in the meantime.  Wow.  I really didn't know what to expect.  Basically Iga was sent to a nursery school to be a teacher for one day.  (Sort of reminded me of Mebius 18 and 29.)  DD-Boys series seems to be mixtures of scripted dialogue and improvisation and D-Boys guys are pretty good in their roles.  Sorry that I can't give any better description (I'm just not good at this).  Anyway, here is the link to download this episode of DD-Boys (and other episodes) if interested (it is a Realplayer file):

(Scroll down to Vol. 5, DD-Boys #19)

If I get some spare cash, I may buy the rest of this series on DVD.

Tags: dd-boys, shunji igarashi
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