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Kamen Rider Hibiki Episodes 1 - 10 (and Spider Solitaire - Blade version)

I started watching some KR Hibiki (now up to episode 10), and the only reason I'm writing anything at all is because I sort of said way back that I would. (I don't know; it's simply a series I can't seem to find much to talk about.)

I think I first saw the first seven episodes back when it aired. And I really don't know why I stopped. The characters are actually rather engaging, and it, so far, doesn't have the rider vs rider fight (for no reason or for easily mistaken reason) I don't really care for. (I don't mind the non-rider look either.) But abandoning it I did, and picking it up again now I did.

For some reason, I find that I can only take this series in small doses. I can't marathon it the way I watched Blade or Kiva. In a way, taking it slow kind of suits the pace of this series. While I still like the characters (I think most of the actors did well bringing their characters to life), I hope some kind of a plot surfaces soon...

ETA: And since I'm too lazy to make a new post, that modded Spider Solitaire game using Blade card deck would have been much more fun if I remember which of the menu command says in English. (I guess the language is Portuguese, but since I can't read any...)

ETA 2: I'm probably talking to myself here, but I'm amused that I actually won the one suit (blade) game despite guessing the commands. And further amused that the two suits ones are hearts and spades (blade). (Yeah, they are also hearts and spades in the original Spider Solitaire, but I like that anyway.)
Tags: kamen rider blade, kamen rider hibiki
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