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Random comments on KR Hibiki (up to episode 24)

EDIT: This post used to have comments on KR Decade 13. I've moved them HERE.

Stuff under cuts most likely contain spoilers.

Kamen Rider Hibiki (up to episode 24)

I'm currently at episode 24, and 24 seems to be a magical number to get me to finish a series. I find myself thinking about the characters in odd moments (which I don't usually do with characters from other series). Truly, this series has some of very memorable characters. I really care about what happen (or not happen as the case may be) to them.

Still, despite the above, I'm partial toward Ibuki...especially in episodes 17-18 where he goes shopping on his day off with Kasumi (and changes clothes like every time he de-henshins). Really, though, it's not that I don't like Hibiki, Zanki, Todoroki, or anyone else from Takeshi, or Asumu. But Ibuki is that he doesn't really stand out (to me). He seems kind of ordinary in a cast full of (mostly) extraordinary characters. To be unkind, he's bland, actually--but he's bland in the way that interests me. Or it might just all go back to me liking his actor in Pretty Guardian Sailormoon (or what I usually refer to as Sailor Moon Live Action), and I might have stuck around the first time for him rather than for Hibiki--who started to annoy me a bit with his insistence in calling Asumu 'shounen' and not his name like everyone else did. (I'm mostly now over this shounen business, though, because I'm pretty sure if Asumu objects (not that I can imagine that), Hibiki would have stopped.) But since Ibuki didn't seem to have much to do in those early might be one of the reasons that make me stop watching then.

Another character that really fascinates me is Hinaka. And I'm sad every time I think of her actress. She was the main reason I delayed watching Hibiki when I was about to last summer. Seeing her so lively here...when I know reality is otherwise is really hard (despite not having seen her in anything else--though I imagine she was probably wonderful elsewhere as well).

As for the movie, I started seeing trailers for it already. This time, since it seems like an alt-verse thing, I think I will watch this one the way I watched Kiva's: mid series. (After all, the Japanese probably watched it in theaters during the series run.)
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