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The first two KR Den-O Movies (some spoilers)

(I was like two days without a computer and thought I might have to write this out by hand and scan it in as picture. Well, guess I'm still not that desperate.)

So, if what I manage to piece together is correct, there will be a fourth Den-O movie (saw something about it at the end of recent KR Decade episodes). Out of all the movies, I've seen only the first two. And honestly I like the first one better.

Anyway, very short comment on the first movie since I don't remember much that stand out. Somehow, Sieg didn't annoy me as much as he did in his debut episodes. Not sure if the beginning was taken from episode 27 (been almost two years since I'd seen that episode), or new footage for the movie. And I totally missed how past!Ryotaro got to the present time (although I did not doubt for a second that it was him in the wrong time as soon as I saw him as opposed to thinking he was still in the past), other than a plot device. I think it might have to do with Ryotaro's loss of Den-O related memories, though.

I like that this movie is in continuity (too much that missing the movie left me confused when I watched the tv series). Gaoh is a classic bad guy--there seems to be no background on him. But it works. I don't usually want to feel sorry for the bad guys anyway.

Nice touch at the end, and it kind of made me view Owner in a kinder light (not enough to make me like him though). (True, there are also non-authorized visit-the-past things in tv series, but I think this is the first one on Ryotaro specifically.)

As for the climax deka...there are plenty of fun actions, I have to admit. But I think I expected too much of the crossover portion. I felt like I should recognize that clumsy detective (who managed to be worse, character-wise, than Ryotaro) since his voice was familiar (what, I only recognize voices and not faces?). I had to get his name confirmed, but yes, I've seen him before (thankfully, I don't remember seeing him making the kind of face (seems a bit like overacting, I don't know) he often made on here elsewhere). And I like the short cameo toward the end. I'm still not happy that I got that moment spoiled before I watched (and the irony is I would have identified him right away even if I had no idea he was in this, unlike with the clumsy detective). ::sighs:: Not watching things right away always get me like this every time. (So I'm vague on names, though I begin to wonder if my effort to hide them is worth it since most other people (and me in the not long distance past) threw out names left and right.)

Oh, Yuto infiltrating an evil organization is just so in character (in fact, I was surprised it hadn't happened earlier--or did I somehow miss it?). Saw him and Deneb and I was like, 'who are you trying to convince that you are bad guys? Certainly not me.' Ryo, how dare you doubt Yuto even for one minute? (So that's why I totally got (and found hilarious) Deneb's attempts to stall the wanted human guy (blanking on his name at the moment) before they put Naomi in that scene to make it totally clear what Deneb had been doing.)

Love the short animated piece at the very beginning. I wouldn't mind watching more of something similar. (But way to totally mislead me, Kivat, saying it's a tale 22 years in the making or some such--which is strictly true, but...)

So, again, I'm kind of sad that Den-O is still a series that I watch mostly for the sake of completeness. I'm not exactly in the hurry to get to the latest movies--though if the fourth movie messes with Decade storyline (i.e. makes the Den-O world in Decade incomprehensible without watching the movie), I might not be happy. In any case, my inclination aside, it's most likely I won't have a chance to watch the third and fourth movies anyway until they have been subbed.
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