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Kamen Rider Decade Episode 13 (Spoilers)

EDIT: It's probably a bad idea to cut & paste stuff from a previous post. I should simply write an all new post and leave the old one alone. (Can't now, because everything (old and new) is all mixed up in this post.) Hopefully this is the last time I do something like this.

Kamen Rider Decade 13

I've since watched this episode three times. That must have set a record (for me--who should be watching things she still hasn't seen instead) for re-watching the same episode in a space of not even one week.

I like Tsukasa again, after sort of fell out of love in episode 12 (the only episode so far I even remotely felt not so in charity with his character). To me, this guy can almost do no wrong. (Oh, he does have his share of faulty judgments; I mean 'no wrong' as in character-wise.) And, since I never really talked about Decade before, I love that samurai kanji in Tsukasa's name--it's the first thing (and one of the few things) I could actually read in the opening credits and I loved him already just for that. (And yay for liking his actor too. I mean, I can like a character while being indifferent to his/her actor. So in this case, I guess *his* acting works for me, in addition to his character. And even if he can't sing, I don't care. I love Ride the Wind.)

Judging from the preview from last week, I did guess that it would be totally lackluster, the way Tsukasa escaped Delta's finisher (not that I knew how he was saved exactly, just that it was not worth a cliffhanger). And I felt kind of cheated that wasn't even the reason he was seen lying on the sofa back in Hikari's studio either.

EDIT: And here is something I've really wondered for a long long time. When a guy fell unconscious, sleeping, or whatever outside, how in the world the girl who came across him moved him to wherever he was seen recuperating later? For all such scenes I've seen, I only remember one instance of the girl remarking something along the line of how difficult it is for her to bring the guy along.

(My guess this time? I think Tsukasa was not as badly off as he appeared, and only fainted because Natsumi was there and he wanted to end that confrontation with Shouichi for the time being (well, he couldn't fight, as Shouichi rightly pointed out). He probably could walk until they reached home and then was out of it. Or more likely I get this all wrong...and Natsumi called up Yuusuke to help or something.)

Yuusuke is about to henshin, isn't he? Now, I'm not personally too bothered that he doesn't get to transform into Kuuga since Kiva's world, but just let him complete the transformation already since they bother to put the idea in. (Er...I just mean since they show him about to transform, just let him go all the way and don't be a tease.)

As for think I might be better off re-watching Agito the original series (probably after I finish the other two rider series). But I'm probably not being too fair to Decade version of Shouichi (who seems more like Gills in the original series). I guess he's probably the most unfriendly rider so far (or maybe I only think that because Tsukasa seems to take too much abuse at this guy's hand...)

EDIT: Third time is a charm, apparently, because I think this Agito is okay now. Tsukasa having blind faith in Shouichi must have counted for something. (Well, it's blind faith since Tsukasa knew nothing about this guy except that he's apparently important to Yashiro.)

Don't care for Kaito. Used to when he first appeared, though. But lately, I never really understand why he is thought of as amazing (maybe Tsukasa is hated by the same people, but well...) And that's saying a lot, since I usually like the kaitou (thief) character, even when he/she is not the main character.

Looking forward to Den-O world (reminds me to finally watch the movies--not sure how many of them there are but I have two) EDIT: There seem to be four movies and I've since watched the first two, and now I can't help thinking of crossover from the second Den-O movie. Wonder if the Decade casts can handle being possessed as well as the original Den-O casts.

As mentioned earlier, I really like Ride the Wind (and probably better off not listening to criticisms on it). Though, to be fair, I can't help wondering if my prior difficulty in hearing it might make me appreciate the song more. For the longest time (well, three weeks) I tried to listen from the end of the episodes and just couldn't hear much. Perhaps mixing the song in at a low volume is a strategy to get people to buy singles.
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