Nikki's Corner (sennetari) wrote,
Nikki's Corner

A comment on Ultraman Mebius 24

It seems like a lifetime ago that I last wrote about Mebius episodes, and yet the one comment I'll make now is not so positive. Spoilers, as usual, though I don't think this is really an important point in the story.

That scene in the infirmary after Mirai woke up and he had a staring match with the fake Ryuu? It never really bothered me before, but now, I felt it was a little...not appropriate. I don't know; it was probably not anything malicious, cultural-wise, but I still didn't much like that the rest of the team seemed to make fun pointing and shouting at what they supposed was Ryuu and Mirai's relationship. It seemed to cheapen their characters (I mean the rest of the team), which were otherwise fine. I thought that kind of thing (making fun of people) is only reserved for Toriyama. Maybe that scene was played up for kids. And maybe I'm too sensitive because I watched this one in isolation, far away from other episodes. (No, certainly this was not the only time the team seemed to act somewhat like they were not all that bright, but I don't remember having any problem with those other times.)
Tags: ultraman mebius
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